The Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management has tips for preparations for the tropical storm and hurricane season.

The season lasts until November, with the highest number of storms developingin late summer and early fall.

If a storm watch is issued for the area, the storm or hurricane may be expected within 24 hours. The following precautions are suggested:

* Check radio and television often for official weather bulletins.

* Fuel vehicles that may be needed for evacuation.

* Secure motor boats or move them to safe shelter.

* Stock up on foods that don't need refrigeration or cooking.

* Ensure an adequate supply of necessary medicine.

* Have fresh batteries on hand for radiosand flashlights.

* Move lawn furniture and loose items indoors.

* Keep several days supply of drinking water.

* Shutter, board or tape windows.

* Leave mobile homes for more substantial shelter.

* Evacuate flood-prone areas early, using designated evacuation routes, preferably in daylight.

* Leave food and water for pets. They may not be brought to public shelters.

* If you are not in a mandatory evacuation zone and choose to stay in your home, stay indoorsand away from windows. Basements or interior hallways are the best protection.

* When ordered to evacuate, leave promptly and in an orderly manner.

Information: 222-8040.

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