Program planners for county non-profit organizations can turn to Anne Arundel Community College to find speakers for their meetings.

The college has published its Speakers Bureau 1991-1992 brochure whichlists speakers available without charge.

More than 66 different faculty and staff speakers volunteer for bureau assignments. The brochure arranges their presentations under 15topics.

Some of the topics include business, economics and consumer concerns; discussion on the college and what it offers, arts and literature, career choices, computers, education, the environment, family life, health and fitness, the individual and the community, law, science, math and engineering, what makes people tick, women's issuesand the world around us.

Education speakers include Thomas E. Florestano, college president on the Role of Anne Arundel Community College in Public Higher Education to Rebecca S. Kajs, assistant professor of English on what makes a good reader and how to become one.

A brief, random listing illustrates the variety of topics offered by faculty. They include: Vivian E. Gist, assistnat professor of English, on African Drama or Literature; Barbara B. Houchen, assistant professor of business admistration, Can we say profit and ethics in the samesentence?; Rajwant K. Gill, assistant professor of computer science,Computer Viruses; and David H. Williams, head of life sciences and associate professor of biology, Nature through the Lens -- Getting theMost out of your camera.

Other speakers include: Sarah L. Garrett-Sanders, instructor of paraplegal studies; Look at Our Criminal Justice System; and Christine G. Schultz, assitant professor of sociologyon Aging in a Youth Oriented Society; Shirley C. parry, perofessor of English, Issues in Contemporary Feminism; and Robert M. Fox, professor of electronic engineering technology, Sailing the Trade Winds from Ireland to Annapolis.

Many speakers can address a variety of topics. Others offer a single platform title. Some include visual presentations or demon


The Speakers Bureau recommends that program planners set up speakers up to two months in advance.

Information: 541-2341.

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