Most eat breakfast, survey indicates


Breakfast, it has been said, is the most important meal of the day, and about 93 percent of American adults do eat at least something in the morning, according to a small, independent survey of breakfast habits sponsored by the Kellogg Co.

Not surprisingly, the telephone poll, surveying 500 adults at random across the country, found the most common breakfast food is cold cereal (49 percent), with toast (30 percent), eggs/omelets (28 percent), coffee/tea (28 percent) and juice (23 percent) following.

About 45 percent of those questioned say they have made changes in their breakfast menu to improve healthfulness, mostly trying to cut cholesterol (33 percent), fat (32 percent), sugar (29 percent) and salt (26 percent). To do this, 64 percent said they are eating less meat, 48 percent have cut down on eggs/omelets and 39 percent have reduced use of dairy products, primarily butter.

About 57 percent of the respondents erroneously believe ready-sweetened cereals are high in fat and 78 percent think bran muffins are low in fat or fat free (many commercially prepared muffins are not).

Although financed by the cereal giant, the survey did not ask anything about cereal brands and very little about cereal in general.

Here are the top 10 breakfast foods: 1. Cold cereal (49 percent); 2. Toast (30); 3. Eggs/omelets (28); 4. Coffee/tea (28); 5. Juice (23); 6. Hot cereal (17); 7. Milk (16); 8. Bacon (13); 9. Fruit (12); 10. Sausage (8).

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