Guys, it's analysis, not pontificating, that we need from Dierdorf


I can't tell exactly when it happened, but, at some point, Dan Dierdorf changed from an announcer to a pronouncer. Dierdorf, though still one of ABC's great assets on "Monday Night Football," keeps making pronouncements instead of just being the intelligent, entertaining analyst he once was.

And another thing I like is the way you once called games.


If a baseball divisional race goes down to the last day, you might get to see the deciding game on ESPN. The cable network will be finished with its Sunday night games by then, so it has the option of picking up another game on Oct. 6, an ESPN spokesman said.

Don't look for a deciding game on CBS, your postseason baseball network. Sunday is NFL day, so CBS has no window for a baseball game.

Should a divisional race end up tied, ESPN also has the rights to a one-game playoff on Oct. 7.


Phil Wood fans, rejoice, your favorite sports talker is back on the air -- for a little while anyway. Wood, whose last Baltimore radio home was WYST-AM, is filling in this month on Washington's WMAL (630 AM) on Tuesdays at 7 to 10 p.m. while Ken Beatrice recovers from health problems. Meanwhile, Wood continues +V working on a baseball book for Rand McNally.

The LPGA is playing one of its majors this weekend, the du Maurier Classic. But don't look for it on your television. However, ESPN is favoring us with the PGA's Hardee's Classic (watch out for that 11th hole, a chicken-leg left). . . . CBS has signed Al Trautwig, formerly of ABC, to do cross-country skiing and biathlon at the Albertville Olympics. . . . Beginning next week, USA Network will offer viewers of "Tuesday Night Fights" the chance to pick the next opponent for junior welterweight Oba Carr. By phoning a 900 number, callers can choose from among three fighters approved by Carr's management. USA says it will donate its share of the proceeds to the U.S. Olympic boxing program. . . . Home Team Sports is carrying 17 college football coaches' shows. Some people apparently think this is a good thing.

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