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Allan W. McMillan, 91, a longtime columnist...


Allan W. McMillan, 91, a longtime columnist for the Amsterdam News and the first black syndicated columnist, died Sept. 7 of prostate cancer in New York City. A native of Valdosta, Ga., he played two seasons as a shortstop with the Nashville Elite Giants of the Negro National League before taking a bellhop job in Chicago in 1927. In 1933, he became a reporter for the Chicago Defender, beginning his career with an interview with Al Capone. He also appeared in the Baltimore Afro-American with a column called "Chicago By Day And Night." Mr. McMillan made his reputation as an entertainment writer, Broadway columnist and publicist. During his many years with the Amsterdam News, he wrote a column called "Allan's Alley," which went into


Dr. Robert J. Stoller, 66, a leading psychoanalytic theoretician on sex-identity problems and perversions, died Sept. 6 in a traffic accident in Los Angeles. A psychiatry professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, Dr. Stoller theorized that much sexual behavior conceals hostility. He theorized that pornography, ritualized sexual acts and sexual fantasies are vehicles that allow childhood traumas such as abandonment by a parent to be transformed symbolically into sexual triumphs, breaking with Freud's notions of perversion, which saw aberrant sexuality as a sign of a person's having "fixated" at an early stage of emotional development. Dr. Stoller was also a pioneer in questioning the line between what is perverse and what is normal in sexual behavior. Dr. Stoller set forth his theories in a series of influential books, including "Sex and Gender: On the Development of Masculinity and Femininity" and "Perversion: The Erotic Form of Hatred."

Felipe Rojas-Lombardi, 46, the chef credited with bringing tapas to American restaurants, died Tuesday in New York City after a two-year bout with degenerative osteoporosis. The Peruvian-born chef worked with James Beard in his Greenwich Village cooking school, was named America's Bicentennial chef, and is credited with bringing tapas, the appetizers served with ,, sherry in Spain, to American restaurants. Mr. Rojas-Lombardi wrote two cookbooks, "Soup, Beautiful Soup" and "South American Kitchen."

Jan Jozef Lipski, 65, one of Poland's best-known anti-Communist dissidents and a founder of the human rights group KOR, died Tuesday of heart disease in Warsaw. In 1976, the Workers' Defense Committee, known by its Polish initials KOR, was formed to organize legal assistance for workers jailed after protests against increases in food prices.

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