Around the house* Use foaming denture-cleaning tablets...


Around the house

* Use foaming denture-cleaning tablets to remove stains from plastic cups. The tablets will also remove stains from the inside of thermos bottles.

* Clean drawers and shelves and line with self-adhesive paper. Make newspaper patterns of the area to ensure proper fit. Smooth out bubbles and creases of the liners with a blackboard eraser.

* Deodorize clothing that smells like cigarette smoke. Hang suits and dresses on hangers and suspend a sheet of laundry softener (the kind that is dispensed on a roll) from each hanger hook. Cover garments with a plastic bag and let hang overnight to remove odors.

* Remove burned oil or grease from electric frying pan. Sprinkle baking soda inside pan and let stand for 10 minutes. Rub with a damp sponge, rinse and dry. Do not immerse in water.

* Place a dry sponge or several thicknesses of paper towels in the vegetable bin of refrigerator to absorb excess moisture. Produce will stay fresher longer.

In the garden

* Prune deciduous shrubs if needed. Remove old bushes that have become overgrown and unsightly. Replace with healthy new ones.

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