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The Cove House Restaurant

The Cove House Restaurant, Routes 50 and 301, Grasonville, (301) 827-6300. It's difficult to believe how much a restaurant can have going for it when it's so close to a six-lane highway catering to the beach-bound and home-bound crowd. Except for the moderate din noticeable outside the front door, however, the Cove House seems more old Eastern Shore than new. From the airy dining room, the view is of a bucolic cove with only some ducks and an occasional boat moving in the evening. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the food is good, not great. The oven-roasted mushroom caps ($4.95) stuffed with spinach and bleu cheese were exceptional, as was the homemade apple pie. $$moderate. (Last visited 8/91.) Weber's on Boston, 845 S. Montford Ave., at Boston Street, 276-0800. Weber's stands at the crossroads of old and new. The building was a waterfront saloon for many years, but has been elegantly spiffed up for an affluent new clientele. Light fare such as chicken wings and spring rolls are done with an intriguing ethnic emphasis, and entrees are classy -- classic with a touch of imagination. If you don't like crowds or noise, though, you will have to time your visit carefully. $$moderate. (Last visited 8/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Shogun, 316 N. Charles St., 962-1130. Shogun offers 23 different kinds of sushi: mirugai, akagi, torigai, masago and shime saba for the adventuresome; flounder, octopus, tuna and yellowtail for those who like to know what they're eating. Our $14 sashimi and sushi dinner included soup (miso beat suimono by a yard), a well-dressed salad, tuna, flounder, octopus, shrimp, a maki wrap of fish eggs, salmon, sea legs and mackerel marinated in lemon. I'd order it again tomorrow. Ignore everything else on the menu. $$moderate. (Last visited 7/91.)


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