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The county's first-ever "Road Club" wants to straighten out the bumps and twists on Solley Road so residents can more easily exit their driveways and the thoroughfare will be safe enough to allow construction of six new communities.

The private group will unveil its preliminary plans to widen, straighten and smooth Solley at 7 p.m. Monday in the Brandon Woods Fire Hall.

"We want to be very open about this," said civil engineer Dan Boyd, whose firm is drawing up plans for the road improvements.

"We want to explain to the community what we've done and what our plans are. After that, people can come up and work out their individual concerns with us."

Boyd said the road widening will not effect any structures along Solley, although there will be some "give-and-take" as sharp curves are straightened and 4-foot shoulders are added.

The Solley Road Club includes Mandrin Construction, The Trinity Spring Partnership, Foundos Associates, John Poe and Homes By Charles.

All six own empty, residentially zoned parcels along Solley Road they willnot be allowed to develop until the road is improved.

Although proper zoning exists, the county's adequate facilities law prevents development unless adequate roads, schools and other public services arein place.

With its bumps and curves, Solley does not meet the Department of Public Works' standards for a road that carries between 6,000 and 7,000 cars each day.

State and county proposals to build afour- or five-lane, $8-million highway parallel to Solley Road have died because of the expense and the impact on the environment.

After consulting with citizens and addressing their concerns, Boyd said the Road Club will bring its proposal to the county. If the county signs off, the Road Club would rebuild the 3.8-mile road using private funds.

In addition to 4-foot shoulders, the Road Club plans to addleft-turn lanes at all major turnoffs. The road would remain uncurbed.

Boyd says the new proposal does not include a left-turn signal for Solley traffic headed onto Mountain Road.

Delegate Joan Cadden, D-Brooklyn Park, says the StateHighway Administration is conductinga traffic study to see if one is needed.

Boyd, a former department head in former County Executive O. James Lighthizer's administration, said developers' road clubs have been established in other counties, but this is the first to his knowledge in Anne Arundel.

Tentative plans are to begin construction after July 1992. The county plans to relocate Solley Elementary School some time after the road is rebuilt.

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