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Housing crisis is rooted in Baltimore cityHoward...


Housing crisis is rooted in Baltimore city

Howard County's housing crisis (Evening Sun, Sept. 4), like the housing crises in Anne Arundel, Frederick, Harford, Carroll and Baltimore counties, is due in great measure to 30 years of hemorrhaging in Baltimore city.

During these years Baltimore's population decreased 25 percent, from roughly a million to 750,000, although the number of housing units remained the same. Today one-third of Baltimore's three-bedroom owner-occupied homes have only one person living in them.

The answer to Howard County's housing crisis lies in resolving the problem that caused it. The answer is not in asking developers to accept less profit or wealthy homeowners to welcome new apartment dwellers. And it is certainly not in providing $100,000 subsidies for each new one-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom town house, as county leaders envision.

The answer is much simpler and much less expensive in the long run for all Marylanders.

The answer is in making Baltimore city a desirable place to live.

Vincent P. Quayle


The writer is director of the St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center.

5 commandments

A piece of wry humor about a code of survival facetiously called "The Five Harford County Council Commandments" is being widely circulated (privately) in [County Executive Eileen] Rehrmann-occupied Kenwood Farms.

The "commandments" are: 1. Don't think. 2. If you think, don't speak. 3. If you think and speak, don't write. 4. If you think, speak and write, don't sign. 5. If you think, speak, write and sign, don't be surprised.

Luther W. Cox


No to gay rights

Recently, the Human Relations Commission of Baltimore County voted, 8 to 7, to recommend to the Baltimore County Council that sexual orientation language be added to the commission's classes of persons who are discriminated against.

I am opposed to homosexuals being given special privileges. How can you classify sexual orientation along with race, nationality or gender? People are not born homosexual.

The theory that homosexuality is genetic is still not proven. Even biologist Simon LeVay, a homosexual himself, states that many technical aspects of his recent study are subject to question.

Homosexuals says they want tolerance, but they really want endorsement and promotion of their lifestyle.

Will the Baltimore County Council vote to grant homosexuals special privilege which will open the door for our children in Baltimore County schools to be taught that homosexuality is an accepted alternative lifestyle? I hope not.

Will homosexuals eventually be able to adopt children and marry one another? I hope not.

I am appealing to the Baltimore County Council not to change the codes. Homosexuals have the same protection and constitutional rights provided to all citizens.

Loretta Ducote


Lottery for schools

If lotteries are indeed a tax for the poor and the naive, then perhaps it is time to give something back to those who have contributed so generously.

Justice should mandate that the state lottery have only one function ' education.

The Maryland State Lottery should conduct a lottery specifically for the use of building new schools and "relocatables." Its contributors would be served far better.

Mary Ellen Smith


What if?

What would the world be like if we had elected as president Hubert Humphrey, Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, George McGovern, Eugene McCarthy, Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale or Gerald Ford? What would the United States be like under the leadership of Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen?

Robert Hoover


Loss of Lida Lee Tall

The Evening Sun described a city-sponsored Unity Picnic on Aug. 26. Last fall, the Lida Lee Tall pre-kindergarten class had a get-acquainted family picnic. Those who attended represented a similar mix of racial, ethnic and social diversity. There will be no more fall get-acquainted picnics at Lida Lee Tall Learning Resources Center. The school did not open this week; it is a victim of state budget cuts and the governor's veto.

John Ferron, the city's community relations director and former chairman of the Lida Lee Tall board of trustees, said the Unity Picnic could lead to improvements in race relations. The families and children of Lida Lee Tall had a community of improved race relations. Did Lida Lee Tall really cost too much?

lizabeth Bauer


Time for crime

Who's fighting the drug war? I committed a crime in December of 1990. I wrote a few bad checks to feed my family, which was cold and hungry. I'm not proud of it; in fact, I should have known better. But for five years I had been paying court-ordered child support of $600 a month on time ' from a $175 a week job.

Well, I went to court for this crime and the day I was there guys came out of court bragging that they only got 18 months for selling crack to an undercover police officer. I get eight years in prison for forgery but was feeding my family ' not selling drugs, but trying to feed children in a state that is busy fighting drugs with my tax money.

I came out of school in 1979 and since then I have always workeand paid taxes. I'm not saying I should have walked out with no time, because forgery is a crime. But eight years? Come on. Is the Eastern Shore really fighting the drug war?

Calvin Davis


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