The last weekend


How do you say goodbye to Memorial Stadium? Th Baltimore Orioles have a few ideas, and they are beginning to reveal them.

Orioles officials yesterday offered some details of the promotions they plan for the final weekend at the ballpark, Oct. 4-6 against the Detroit Tigers.

Oct. 4: After the game, which will begin at 7:35 p.m., the club will put on "the biggest spectacular of fireworks ever on display at Memorial Stadium." Before the game, Orioles broadcasters of past and present also will be honored. Many of the team's radio voices from the past will attend the game, and their most exciting radio calls will be replayed.

Oct. 5: On Fan Appreciation Day, a 1:35 p.m. start, the team will give away about 200 one-of-a-kind stadium items. On the list: Memorial Stadium pitching rubber, player chairs from the Orioles clubhouse and the "Here" flag marking the spot of Frank Robinson's home run hit out of the ballpark. The Orioles also will introduce the all-time team, as selected in a Baltimore Sun readers poll and give away their "1991-92 Calendar and Fans Guide to the New Ballpark." The calendar also will be given out on the final day.

Oct. 6: The final game is a 2:05 p.m. start. The Orioles are saying little more about what is planned. Team officials say they don't want to ruin the surprise. "It is going to be a very emotional occasion," said public relations director Rick Vaughn.

Tickets for the final game are sold out. About 3,500 tickets remain for Friday's game and 4,200 for Saturday.

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