Teen charged in shooting of child in East Baltimore


A 16-year-old boy has been arrested in the shooting of 4-year-old Quantae Maurice "Pookie" Johnson during a neighborhood dispute last weekend in East Baltimore, according police.

Alfonso Jones was arrested Wednesday at his home in the first block of Skipjack Court in Essex and charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder and a handgun violation, said Dennis S. Hill, a police spokesman.

The child was playing outside his grandmother's house, in the 600 block of North Castle Street, where an argument was brewing between a number of teen-agers last Saturday. As the argument escalated outside, his grandmother, Diane Pittman, took the youngster inside as a precaution. Moments later, an errant gunshot went through a window in Mrs. Pittman's house and struck the boy in the head as he stood in the dining room.

The youngster was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital, where doctors said later they expected the child to fully recover from his wound. They said the bullet traveled through the boy's brain but did not damage any major areas that would immediately warrant removing it from underneath his scalp.

Mr. Hill said investigators have not yet been able to determine what the suspect and other teen-agers were arguing about before the shooting. The investigation is continuing and other arrests may be made, he said.

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