Weapons found at jail after stabbing 17-year-old prisoner killed during fight with other inmates.


Four additional homemade weapons were found in a tier search at the Baltimore City Detention Center in the wake of a fatal stabbing of a 17-year-old inmate, a state corrections spokesman said.

The stabbing yesterday of Herbert Haskins marked the first homicide at the City Jail since the state took control of the facility July 1.

Haskins, 17, of the 800 block of Edmondson Ave., was stabbed once in the neck at 9:45 a.m. with a knife fashioned from a wheelchair spoke, said Leonard Sipes, a state corrections spokesman.

He died about an hour later at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Another inmate involved in the fight wielded a "shank" made from a bucket handle, Sipes said.

The fight involved at least four inmates in T Tier, which houses 41 juveniles, Sipes said.

Officials at the detention facility later searched the tier, uncovering four more weapons made from materials found within the prison.

In yesterday's incident, the inmates were out of their cells to make telephone calls.

Haskins, arrested on narcotics charges, had been held since Aug. 27 on $25,000 bail.

Sipes said a "full-blown homicide investigation" was under way by jail personnel and the State Police.

The stabbing came weeks after LaMont W. Flanagan, commissioner of the state division of detention and pretrial services, ordered a shakedown of the entire jail.

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