The Carroll County Public Schools would like to remind parents that student records kept by public schools are available for review by parents and eligible students.

The principal of the school shall grant this inspection within a reasonable amount of time following a parental request. Following the review, parents have the right to challenge items they feel are inaccurate or inappropriate.

With regard to the release of student information, parents are reminded that, with few exceptions, information relative to a student cannot be released without prior consent of the parent or eligible student to anyone outside of educational agencies.

Student information that does not require prior consent and may be disclosed upon request is called "Directory Information." This includes: the student's name and address, date and place of birth, telephone number, grade placement, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams,dates of attendance, diplomas and honors received, and the previous educational agency or institution attended.

All parents and students are advised that those items listed as "Directory Information" maybe withheld at the request of the parent, guardian or eligible student. This request must be submitted, in writing, to the school principal no later than Sept. 30

For information regarding the use, maintenance and transfer of student records, contact your school principalor the Pupil Services Department at 848-8280.


The Board of Education of Carroll County strongly supports substance abuse education programs and endorses aggressive disciplinary action for the use, possession, manufacture or distribution of controlled dangerous substances, controlled paraphernalia, look-alike drugs, unauthorized prescription drugs, unauthorized over-the-counter drugs/medications and alcohol by students.

Violations of drug/alcohol laws will be handled as illegal actions as well as disciplinary infractions.School officials will involve appropriate law enforcement agencies when violations occur.

Disciplinary measures in response to violations by students will include actions ranging from suspension to expulsion. In cases resulting in suspensions of five or more days to expulsion, mandatory referral to an alcohol/drug education or treatment program will be made by school officials.

The use of drug-detecting dogs and police cadets is authorized as a possible resource to assistschool officials in drug investigations.

Students in violation ofdrug/alcohol policies at any time, on or off school premises, will be declared ineligible for extracurricular activities; specific regulations related to this policy are detailed in faculty and student/parent handbooks.

Students are not to possess or self-administer any prescription or over-the-counter medication. When it is necessary for students to be administered such medications in school, parents must complete the medication consent form which is available in school offices and health suites.


WESTMINSTER -- More than 500 students began this school year in the Carroll County Career and Technology Center, formerly the Vocational-Technical Center.

In conjunction with the new focus of the Maryland State Department of Education's Division of Career and Technology, the name change reflects the increased emphasis on "educating people for careers throughouta lifetime and on integrating technology with vocational academics."

The center offers 19 state-of-the-art career and technological programs, which constantly upgrade their curriculum and equipment to meet current standards and trends in business.

Several of the programs also changed their names. They are: Data Processing to Computer Technology; Diesel to Diesel Technology; Electronics to Electronics Technology; Food Service to Culinary Arts; Machine Shop to Machine Technology; Textiles to Textiles and Fashion Design; and Welding to Welding Technology.

The center also has opened its doors to adults in all programs. The 1991-1992 school year began with 18 adults in Air Conditioning, Auto Mechanics, Electrical Construction, Electronics Technology, Horticulture, Machine Technology, Plumbing and Practical Nursing.

Adult registration is taken at Carroll Community College.

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