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Black officers beat him, Young says


Andrew Young Jr. said it was bad enough that his leg was in a cast and that his body was battered and bruised at the hands of District of Columbia police officers.

"I think what really disturbed me more than it being police was that it was my own people," Young said yesterday in a telephone interview from his dormitory room at Howard University. "It was all brothers."

Young, the son of former Atlanta mayor and former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, said he planned to file a police brutality complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board in Washington this week.

He said a black police officer pulled him from his car and threw him to the ground early Sunday, and five or six black officers beat him severely for five minutes. "It felt like it was three hours," he said.

"I was asking them why they were hitting me. I asked, 'Why would you beat a brother?' " Young said. "One of them told me, 'I'm not your brother.' "

Young said the attack occurred as he was driving with a friend near Second and U streets near Howard, where he is a freshman international business major.

He said a number of people and several police officers were in the area and that he followed an officer's instructions to stop his car. But he said he was pulled from his car and beaten.

Police are refusing to comment other than to say Young was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after police were summoned to break up a disturbance.

Vada Manager, a spokesman for Mayor Sharon Pratt Dixon, said the mayor has spoken by telephone to Young's father.

Andrew Young Jr. was treated at Howard University Hospital and released Sunday afternoon. He said he planned to return to class today.

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