The zip code


Fashion isn't just about big, sweeping changes. It isn't just about short or long hemlines, tight or loose shapes, neutral or bright colors.

Fashion is also about details. It's about knowing when to mix and when to match; about knowing which shoes look good with which outfit; about knowing that the difference between looking current and looking like last year's news can be as subtle as whether you zip your coat or button it. This fall, you'll probably want to zip it.

The zipper has emerged as the favorite design detail of the season, turning up in usual places as the closure on a bomber jacket, on the side of high boots, as a trouser fly and in not-so-usual ones. You'll find zippers on hats, gloves, skirts, dresses and sweaters. Sometimes they're for function, sometimes they're just for fun.

The important detail of the detail: It's meant to be seen.

It's often possible to change the entire shape of a garment or an accessory simply by zipping or unzipping it. And zippers can add definition as well as decoration, which is nothing to sneeze at in a season where shapes are the key.


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