81 points, 543 one-arm push upsFour players...


81 points, 543 one-arm push ups

Four players scored two touchdowns each, Penn State scored its most points since 1926, and the 706 total yards set a school record, but the most impressive Nittany Lion in their 81-0 victory over Cincinnati on Saturday was Tim Durant, the Nittany Lions mascot.

The tradition is for the mascot to do cumulative push ups on the sidelines after every Penn State point -- seven for the first touchdown, 14 for the second and so on -- resulted in him doing 543 push ups.

That's 543 one-armed push ups in the 90-degree heat and humidity of Happy Valley. All this while wearing a lion's suit.

Maybe the Bearcats should have made him suit up for them.

Long-term foolishness

The New York Mets are left to wonder what condition Dwight Gooden's arm will be in after he has surgery to remove torn cartilage and repair a partial rotator cuff tear. There's no doubt, however, about the shape of Gooden's bank account, with $15.45 million coming in over three years, starting in 1992.

"I've pointed to all the long-term contracts over the years and said, 'Look at those, look how stupid they are,' " Mets general manager Frank Cashen said. "Well, I'm as guilty as everyone else. I'm just as stupid."

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