Ex-Atlanta mayor's son charges that D.C. police beat him Howard University student Andrew Young Jr. retains Columbia lawyer.


The son of former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young is charging that officers of the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington yanked him from his car and severely beat him during an incident early Sunday, his attorney says.

Andrew Young Jr., 18, a freshman at Howard University, told attorney Charles Jerome Ware yesterday that five or six officers attacked him near the university and broke his leg.

The attorney, who practices in Columbia and Washington, said he expects Young to file police brutality charges against the officers this week with the District's civilian complaint review board.

Ware said that besides suffering a broken left leg near the ankle, Young sustained numerous bruises and cuts.

"He was beat up pretty bad," said Ware. "They beat him everywhere they possibly could."

He said the incident began between midnight and 12:30 a.m. Sunday on Howard's campus in Northwest Washington. He said dozens of people and a number of police were at the scene while officers were breaking up a loud party.

He said Young was driving his car through the area with a friend when an officer told him to stop. He said Young followed the order and that officers approached him and pulled him out of the vehicle. He said five or six officers beat him with their fists and possibly a nightstick.

"One of the officers in particular swung on me like Mike Tyson," Young told Ware in a dictated statement.

He said the officers then placed handcuffs and leg irons on him and that the leg irons aggravated the pain to his broken leg. He said Young's passenger, Troy Mickens, a Howard sophomore, was placed in a choke hold by officers.

Sgt. Joseph Gentile, a police spokesman, said officers were responding to a complaint of a disorderly party at Second and U streets. He said Young was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and released after posting a $25 collateral payment.

Gentile refused to comment on the brutality charges.

Ware said Young had not attended the loud party to which police were responding, and that he was just driving through the area when he was stopped. He said Young followed all of the officers' directions and never made any gesture or said anything to anger them.

He said Young was held by police for five hours and then taken to D.C. General Hospital before his sister took him to Howard University Hospital, where he was treated Sunday afternoon and released.

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