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Pam Bam!


Congratulations to the Comeback Queen of Flushing Meadows, Pam Shriver. The 29-year-old Baltimorean bouncing back from shoulder surgery and recent obscurity, teamed with a 20-year-old Russian new partner, Natalia Zvereva, served and volleyed to her 22nd Grand Slam doubles title in winning the U.S. Open women's doubles crown.

Those 20 titles that Pam won with Martina Navratilova need to be reassessed, with more of the credit going to the taller one. This time, Shriver and Partner beat the pair that beat Navratilova and Partner. At the Big Apple's two-week tennis festival, while Stefan and Monica swept all before them in singles and Jimmy played to the crowd, Pam made the comeback that counted, in doubles. Next year singles, too.

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