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In no need of food stampsGeorgia Tech...


In no need of food stamps

Georgia Tech basketball coach Bobby Cremins earned at least $500,000 in 1990, with 80 percent coming from sources other than his university salary.

Also according to documents obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, football coach Bobby Ross made $337,522 and athletic director Homer Rice $291,260.

Cremins' salary was $105,000. He received about $400,000 in outside income, most -- $162,878 -- from his television show. At least $130,000 came from a consulting contract with Nike, which also paid him an undisclosed amount for personal appearances.

Ross' salary also was $105,000. Most of his outside income came from his television show -- $108,734.

He took a $37,000 cut in outside income when he outfitted his undefeated 1990 team with the Nike shoes they wanted in spite of his Pony contract. Nike paid him only $6,000 last year.

Rice's outside income -- $177,260 -- came from television and radio shows and an annuity premium from the athletic association.

The quote

Newscaster Tom Brokaw on fly fishing: "If fishing is a religion, fly fishing is high church. As a late convert, I had no early appreciation of the complexity of the theology, the poetry of the liturgy or the devotion of the faithful. As a worshiper, I am still confined to the back pews, in awe of the solemnity of the rituals, and a little bemused."

More than blind strokes

The U.S. Blind Golfers Association attracted 20 competitorfrom this country and Canada for a 36-hole tournament in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., this weekend.

The key difference between golf for sighted people and golf for the blind is that blind golf is a team sport.

Each blind golfer has a coach -- a friend, neighbor, wife -- who selects the club, lines the player up for the shot, estimates yardage and reports where the ball has landed.

The blind golfers are strict adherents to all the rules of the U.S. Golfers Association except one. They are allowed to ground the club in a hazard, to determine where the ball is. Otherwise, they play from the regular tees to regular par over championship courses.

Some competitors, like 14-time USBGA champion Pat Browne, are so proficient that they generally are only a few strokes off par on any given course.

In last year's event on Walt Disney World's Buena Vista course, popular local pro Payne Stewart donned a blindfold in a nine-hole exhibition against Browne and lost by 19 strokes, shooting a 60 to Browne's 60.

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