The county's deputy director of the Bureau of Environmental Affairs has resigned amid a Department of Public Works reorganization.

About 50 people in the 400-employee department are being reassigned or given revised job descriptions, said Larry Klimovitz, director of administration.

"People have often said the Department of Public Works is like a big octopus," said Klimovitz.

"This whole restructuring serves twopurposes: to increase staffing and give more support to environmental affairs and to increase coordination among the different divisions of DPW so we can better serve the public."

Klimovitz said Robert Donald, the deputy director who who helped draft the county's recycling proposal, resigned to pursue private consulting work. He has already been hired by the department on a six-month consulting contract for$35 an hour up to $35,000, Klimovitz said.

"This arrangement allowed me to meet him halfway. I have the benefit of his expertise and avacancy that I can fill," said Klimovitz.

Klimovitz and DPW Director Robert Williamson were vague about some details, saying reorganization is incomplete.

However, Klimovitz said the number of deputy directors in the department will be reduced from five to four when the traffic division is eliminated.

Employees in the traffic department, who are responsible for traffic counts, highway markings, signs and signals, will be reassigned within the four remaining divisions of DPW, Klimovitz said. About 80 percent of the employees in the traffic department will be reassigned to the highways division, he said.

Williamson said changes in the environmental affairs division of DPW are continuing, but 13 people whose jobs are related to sediment control and storm-water management were reassigned in August to WilliamBaker, deputy director of engineering.

"It's not a shake-up of DPW," said Baker. "We're just shuffling people around. The emphasis is more on being responsive."

News of Donald's resignation came as a surprise to some County Council members, said Theresa M. Pierno, D-District C.

"What Mr. Donald did was important, but there were not enough people to do all the work. He had the whole shebang, and it wasa mess when he came on board," Pierno said.

"Resignation is not the word I have heard associated with it until now," said Robert S. Wagner, R-District E.

"Council members have no details about the reorganization. . . . But if it makes the department better, keep shaking it. There's room for improvement. Basically, if you call and try togo through this department like a citizen would, well, good luck."

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