Roger D. Hall


Last Tuesday, the Howard County Planning Board meeting scheduled to hear GTW's proposal for the rezoning of 682 acres was postponed due to a legal technicality. Several local television stations and hundreds of citizens, who oppose the rezoning, attended.

After the planning board advised the audience of the decision to postpone the meeting, I watched and listened to a reporter interview Leonard R. Goldstein, an attorney representing GTW. One of Goldstein's responses mentioned, "The emotional people" who were protesting the proposal "shouldlisten on a rational basis." Further, he claims support from many community groups.

First, I challenge Goldstein to show evidence of this support.

As part of the group CARE, and as chairman of the Petition Committee, we have collected over 2,000 signatures from local residents opposed to the rezoning of the GTW property. This is evidence that can be verified.

Second, I want to apologize to Mr. Goldstein for appearing, in his

opinion, emotional.

I'm sorry my home is 1 1/2 miles away from your proposed employment center -- projectedto employ over 6,000 people.

I'm sorry my driveway enters onto Marriottsville Road, a two-lane rural road. This road will not be able to adequately handle the influx of traffic that will result from the proposed 1.7 million square feet of office space and the 937 homes. I'm sorry I do not want to live on a four-lane highway.

I'm sorry Ido not want to see my taxes increase yearly to pay for the additional schools, road improvements, increased county and emergency servicesthat will all be necessary due to the massive size of the GTW proposal.

I'm very sorry I will not share in the profits GTW will reap from the proposed rezoning. (I don't suppose GTW would like to share that information with the community -- that wouldn't be rational.)

So if I get a little "emotional" because GTW's proposal will have a profound negative impact on my life, my home and my neighbors, I'll berational and say I'm sorry!

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