Coach: Guy Stull and Jeff Ibex, first year

Last year's record: 13-1, third in the state tournament

Top returnees: Seniors Dean Blankenship, Darren Marting; junior, Justin Weller

Top newcomers: Seniors Corey May, Dustin Hayes, EricMauldin, Bill Madonna, Wes Snow; juniors Todd Dorsey, Todd Vollmer, Todd Hoffman; sophomores, Will Taylor, David Rause, Steve Hayes

Coach's comments: "We have a lot of good young golfers with the abilityto shoot good golf; it's just a matter of putting it all together. Practice has been very competitive, the potential is there."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: The Owls are coming off another solid year, finishing third in the state tournament. Gone is coach Dave Brown,who guided the squad to many successful seasons over 14 years. Replacing him is Guy Stull and Jeff Ibex, who will be co-coaches. Seniors Blankenship and Marting return as the top two golfers with newcomer Dorsey right up there with them. The key will be how well the four-five-six golfers perform and whether they can get the Owls points. Ibex likes what he has seen with the newcomers and the level of competition they have brought. A number of them can step up and do the job. TheOwls have consistently excelled in past years with young teams and nothing will change this year. Look for the Owls to have another solidyear and again be in the running for the state crown.

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