Head coach: David Gehrdes (seventh season)

Assistant coaches: TomCordts and Tom Cox

1990 record: 5-6-1

Returnees: Seniors Jak Karl (G), Jason Ostrum (HB), Jesse Simmerman (HB) and Kevin Owen (striker); juniors Ted Bromberg (HB) and Lars Schultz (HB)

Newcomers: Juniors Craig Harrison (FB), Lawrence Gensler (FB) and Scott LeRoux (FB); sophomore DavidWinegrad (FB); freshman Ryan Sears (striker)

Coach's outlook: "We're just so young this year, it'll take us some time to develop. We're pretty strong at halfback. They're going to have to be the leaders offensively, and Jak will anchor us defensively. All of our fullbacksare underclassmen, so Jak will have to provide leadership. I can saythat we've been doing rather well in scrimmages. It's going to be tough though: Severna Park has such a solid squad coming back, and Broadneck will be really competitive."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The beginning and the end of the season look to be the toughest forthe Panthers. Their first two opponents are 1990 playoff participants Broadneck and North County, while upstart Meade and Severna Park will wind things down for Gehrdes' troops, who haven't seen playoff action since the fall of 1983. Annapolis' young defensive players will have to grow up in a hurry, or they may not even last year's mark.


Head coach: Brad Rivera (third season)

Assistant coach: Joe Copolla

1990 record: 9-5-3

Returnees: Seniors Patrick Mohr (striker-MF), Todd Swann (sweeper), Tom Rielly (MF), Mickey Wist (MF-striker), Chris Badaczewski (G) and Kenny Smith (stopper); juniors Javi Rivera (striker-MF), David Tomaszewski (FB) and Zachary Woods (FB-HB)

Newcomers: Sophomores Michael Mazzola (HB), Fabian Dilaimy (G) and Brian Mohr (FB)

Coach's outlook: "I have good hopes that we can win it (the Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference title) this year. I'm not saying that we will, but the chances are weare as competitive as anyone. We have a strong group of seniors. Last year was our first year in the A Conference, and we made it to the playoffs and that was a great feeling. This year is our year. If we don't do it this season for whatever reason, it will be a while beforewe ever do win anything."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Cavaliers have the talent and the depth offensively to match up with any of their A Conference foes, but in order for them to stay in the running for the highly coveted A Conference crown they are going to need to excel defensively. Mohr will provide Spalding with plenty of offensive firepower, but it's up to the defense to alleviate some of thepressure on its star striker.


Head coach: Nick Jauschnegg (14th season)

Assistant coaches: Ben Seidenstein and John Malecki

1990 record: 6-6

Returnees: Seniors Shawn Gray (striker), Tony Fiaschetti (striker), Craig Dorsey (striker), Brian Nehman (G) and Chad Minnigh (HB); junior Jon Nichols (HB)

Newcomers: Juniors Rob Greenip (HB), Darren Sweeney (FB-striker), Matt Durose (FB), Mike Stull (FB-HB), Darren Hornick (FB-HB) and Matt Sakal (HB); sophomore Matt Warner (FB-HB)

Coach's outlook: "Right now, I'm not evensure of who's going to be in my starting lineup and that's due to our inexperience. We could have anywhere from one to five seniors in the lineup. In order for us to make the playoffs, we have to beat the good teams, not just the average teams. I'd give us a 50-50 shot at making it (to the playoffs). So far (during preseason scrimmages) we'veplayed well at times, and other times we haven't. We're not as bad as we look sometimes, we just have to find some consistency."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: On paper, Arundel will be fighting along with North County and South River for the Bay Division championship. The Wildcats should attain a winning season, but they may be nudged out for a postseason berth.


Head coach: Kevin McMullen (10th season)

Assistant coaches: Mark Stover and V. J. Keith

1990 record: 9-3-4, Region IV champions, lost to Bowie in overtime, 2-1, in Class 4A state final

Returnees: Seniors Matt Weimer (striker), Jeff Vincent (CHB), Dave Apple (sweeper), Mike Smith (G), Brenden Collins (FB), John Hannah (FB), Mark Patrick (stopper), Andy Ryan(CHB), Josh Jefferds (striker), Aaron Reinhart (MF), Mike Meals (MF)and Brandan Tucker (MF); junior Kevin Davis (FB)

Newcomers: Seniors Tim Langen (striker) and Thorston Strickland (FB); juniors Rob Eckman (HB), Brian Berger (HB), Dave Terry (G), Bill Samples (FB), Ian Brooks (MF), Kurt Perruccio (FB), Chris Williams (striker), Tavio D'Archangelo (striker) and Andrew Paez (FB)

Coach's outlook: "I think we're going to be very competitive and if a couple of things fall into place, I think we'll be right in the middle of things. But the region championship again goes through Severna Park. We play in what might be the toughest region in the whole metropolitan area. There are nooff nights."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Broadneck doesn't figure to be "off" on many nights. A tremendous amount of talent has departed, but enough firepower and experience remains for the Bruins to return to the playoffs.


Head coach: Earl Eckhardt (sixth season)

Assistant coaches: Bob Connor and Dave Evanco

1990 record: 4-7-1

Returnees: Senior Greg Cameron (D-MF), Dean Coccia (striker), Jeff Dietz (MF), Dennis Gavin (D), Jason Jubb (MF),Steve Kopp (striker) and Jason Siemer (striker); juniors Patrick Barnes (D), Eric Daniels (D), Dan Hinkle (D) and Keith Lovell (MF)

Newcomers: Juniors Ken Findly (striker), Jerry Groves (D), Bruce Hamrick (MF), Chris LeKron (MF) and Scott Mulkey (GK); sophomores Erik Dahlen (MF), Eric Distin (MF), Jamie Hall (MF), Sean Murphy (D) and Fred Sporrer (MF)

Coach's outlook: "Our schedule looks tough at the beginning and tough at the end, but I think overall we match up pretty well with everyone. Severna Park looks like the team to beat on paper.Staying healthy will be a key, and we have to play together as a unit. If our seven seniors play together, and I think they will, we should be fighting for one of the playoff spots."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Chesapeake has talent and experience but is weak in the depth department. However, if the Cougars can pick up a key win in September, they could find themselves in contention come November.


Head coach: Jon Van Orden (seventh season)

Assistant coaches: Ray Schisler, Allan Samonisky and Greg Martel

1990 record: 4-8

Returnees: Seniors Scott Bell (FB), Jamie Campbell (MF), Shane Cavey (striker-MF), Shannon Cavey (sweeper), Chris Cruz (striker), Damion Dzambo (MF), Jason Earnest (striker-MF), Mike Gustafson(FB), Mark Nevin (FB), Jason Scistman (G) and Ted Wolf (MF); juniorsVictor Cserer (MF), Jim Gloede (FB) and Matt Tracey (FB-G); sophomore Jose Arjona (MF)

Newcomer: Senior Bill Martin (MF)

Coach's outlook: "We're going to be better than last year, definitely. A realistic goal is to finish over .500. There's not a lot of depth. We carried 28 players last year, and this year we have 21, including three keepers. And we've got two or three players injured right now. If we stay healthy and continue to improve at the rate we're improving, we can be up near the top by the end of the year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With 15 players back, including eight starters, Glen Burnie should be an improved club this fall. The competition is fierce, but anyone expecting a relatively easy time with the Gophers is in for a rude awakening. They'll approach the .500 mark, and with a few breaks, perhaps surpass it. And that's progress.


Headcoach: Mike Dey (first season)

Assistant coaches: Rich Mitchell and Greg Hall

1990 record: 7-5

Returnees: Seniors Bryan Mitchell(sweeper), John Gratson (G), Eric Washington (MF), Rodney Rawlinson (striker), Jim Dey (MF), Jason Hall (MF), J.J. Grewe (striker) and Louis Morales (striker)

Newcomers: Juniors Jason Reese (FB), MichaelRemy (FB) and Steven Grewe (MF); sophomore Andre Wise (striker)

Coach's outlook: "The big question with us is can we play up to our potential. If we get some bad calls, or another team plays us very aggressively, or one of our key players goes down, will we be able to stand up to the challenge? Sure, some coaches may say that we could be one of the top teams, but that doesn't mean anything. Those same people who say those things turn around and kick our butts 6-0. If you askme, Severna Park and Broadneck will have the two strongest teams in the county, but if we get some breaks along the way, I think we'll have a shot at the playoffs."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If the Mustangs can shake their preseason woes, they could sneak into the playoffs. Their mettle will be be tested in the middle of the season,when they run up against Broadneck, North County, Arundel and Severna Park in succession.


Head coach: Steve Malone (second season)

Assistant coaches: Dan Krimmelbein and Phil Solloway

1990 record: 12-2, lost to Broadneck, 2-1, in the Region IV finals

Returnees: Seniors Josh Merrill (MF), Jeff Boyer (G), John Lowden (FB), Jeff Rattell (FB); junior Shawn Moyer (striker); sophomore Chris Cosentino (MF)

Newcomers: Juniors Mark Collins (striker), Scott Lam (FB), Kevin Mok (FB), Denny Stiegler (striker) and Chol Yu (striker); sophomores Chuck Colvin (MF), Corey Haughton (FB) and MattLentz (FB)

Coach's outlook: "We had 55 kids come out, which is a little more than last year, but we lost nine starters to graduation so this team is going to have a totally different complexion. We're going to have to be patient and try to get more players involved. On paper, we appear to be a middle-of-the-pack team, but we hope to develop into a more competitive team than that."

Anne Arundel County Sunoutlook: Having lost the likes of the Haislip twins, top scorer Jodyand goalkeeper Jesse, as well as midfielders Dae Sik Ham, Chong Yi, Mike Hoskins and defender Karl Wick, the Knights definitely have dropped a notch. The players up from last year's 8-3-1 junior varsity squad are used to Malone's coaching system, so a lot will depend on how quickly the Knights regroup on the varsity level.


Head coach: John Pappafotis (third season)

Assistant coaches: RonPrice and Charlie Dorsey

1990 record: 2-10

Returnees: Seniors Joe Hoyer (MF), Dave Fronckoski (MF), Glenn Hedgecoth (G) and Dwayne McMillion (MF); juniors C. J. Pelino (striker) and Dan Bennett (striker); sophomores George McNelly (FB), Chris Saba (MF) and Doug Smith (MF)

Newcomers: Seniors Scott Rey (FB), Mike Schuster (G), Tim Leonard (MF) and Steve Gladewin (MF)

Coach's outlook: "We've got a lotof depth at the halfback position, and I hope to interchange those players as much as possible. I think it's a very realistic goal for usto improve on last year's record -- there's no reason that we shouldn't. There's also no reason why we shouldn't make the playoffs. Two more wins than last year will probably put us in the playoffs. But looking at the teams in our division and the full schedule, a realistic goal is a .500 record. I'm looking forward to a strong season."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The local St. Jane's youth soccer program has been good to Northeast this year. Pappafotis called the turnout of 54 players the best he's experienced in his tenure. From a teamthat lost four games by just one goal, the Eagles return six starters, including Joy Hoyer, last year's leading scorer.


Head coach: Don Hobbs (14th season)

Assistant coaches: Jim Griffith and Joe Keough

1990 record: 6-5-1

Returnees: Seniors Brian Layman (G), Brian Kelley (sweeper), Chris Steelman (FB), David Gray(MF) and Mike McNally (MF); juniors Scott O'Rourk (FB), Steve Smith (FB), Don Yost (MF), Danny Knight (striker) and Nick Badalian (striker).

Newcomers: Senior Shane Bell (striker); sophomore Bob Thomas (striker-MF).

Coach's outlook: "I think we'll be very disappointed if we don't at least make the playoffs. We have a team that can potentially do that. But a lot of teams in the county are tough. You used to assume you'd be there, but things have leveled out and it's a fight. But we'll be very disappointed if we don't make it. I don't know how far we'll get, but we should get there."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The graduation of striker Eric Bathras leaves a huge offensive void, though Hobbs believes Old Mill will be more balanced in its scoring and therefore prove more difficult to defend. And speaking of defense, that's one area Hobbs need not concern himself with. Lotsof experience and talent on that side of the field. Overall, the Patriots are on solid ground, with enough juniors to keep the program strong for this season and beyond. A playoff possibility, providing offense doesn't fizzle.


Head coach: Brent Boone (first season)

Assistant coaches: Hugh Hagert and Grant Thornander

1990 record: 9-9-2

Returnees: Seniors J. D. Gattie (G), Matt Stickler (FB), Bart Jagaer (stopper), Dan Schultz (FB), Steve Marsella (MF), Don Cipriani (MF), Eamon McCormick (F), Todd Lord (F), Rob Tobin (F) and Paul Devine (F); junior Justin Dunbar (MF)

Newcomers: Juniors Rich Mackey (sweeper), Kevin Reichardt (FB), Peter Rowan (MF) andMike Craven (FB); freshmen Steve Picardo (F) and Chris Cannella (F)

Coach's outlook: "As long as we stay healthy we should do very well. We've done excellent in scrimmages against public schools, and I think we should be very competitive in the Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference. Calvert Hall is the top team in the state, but this team has a lot of talent. I'll be confident going into every singlegame."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Saints are loaded this season, but, unfortunately, so are the majority of their A Conference opponents. St. Mary's will need some big wins early to gain the confidence to survive in one of the state's premier conferences.


Head coach: Rick Lenfest (first season)

Assistant coach: Alex Domenech

1990 record: 3-8-3

Returnees: Seniors T.D. Albright (FB), Jimmy Dodson (W), Eric Kazmierizak (stopper), Milford Marchant (MF), Jason Moran (sweeper), Ryan Phillips (G-MF), Duncan Slidell (MF) and Adam Williams (F); juniors Chris Accinelli (CF), Todd Fletcher (stopper) and Rex Vogan (striker); sophomore Todd Winchester (LW)

Newcomers: Seniors Greg Freeman (F) and Eric Michelson (W); juniors Paul Williams (FB), Rob Duncan (MF), Hank Taliaferro (FB) and Sebastian Sasi (G); freshman Brian Zaks (G)

Coach's outlook: "The (MSA) A Conference is extremely tough, and we're the smallest school in the conference, so frankly I'd just like to improve on last year's record. Every game we lost last year was by one or two goals. We justdidn't have the finishing capability. This year I'd like to see themfinish."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The MSA A Conference isstacked with powerhouse teams and, unfortunately, Severn is not on the list. The Admirals' starting 11 can match up with any of the teamsin the conference, but whether they can keep up in the second half is the big question.


Head coach: Don Gregg (18th season)

Assistant coaches: Bob Planey and John Camm

1990 record: 10-3, 4A county champions, lost to Broadneck in shootout, 2-1, in Region IV semifinal

Returnees: Seniors Jamie Cornett (MF-FB), Steve Neuberger (FB), Jason Zaks (G), Mike Crawford (striker-MF), BrianPeterson (striker-MF), David Rupert (striker-MF), Kenny Taylor (MF-FB), Matt Horine (FB), Kevin Schultz (FB) and John Denman (FB); juniorRyan Voegtlin (MF-striker)

Newcomers: Juniors Chris Mooney (MF), Aaron Duca (MF-striker), Ryan Henry (MF-FB), Doug Masiuk (MF-FB), Mark Casper (MF-striker), Peter Joergensen (MF-striker), Nick Groseclose(MF-striker), Matt Triolo (FB) and Andrew Brought (G)

Coach's outlook: "Nobody's going to take us lightly, let's put it that way. I think we're going to have a solid team. They seem more focused to get to the states this year. They're more intense. They're ready to try toregroup and get back into the playoffs. Then we'll take it from there."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Anyone taking Severna Park lightly will get crushed. The rest will have their hands full trying tocontain Crawford and Peterson and finding a way to score on Zaks, who gets plenty of protection from the Falcons' talented backs. The early favorite to reach the states.


Head coach: Jonathan Braun (eighth season)

Assistant coach: Ray Cuipek

1990 record: 2-10, lost to Gwynn Park in the Region III semifinals

Returnees: Seniors Chris McQueeney (striker), Dan Weikert (striker), Matt Davidson (G), Brennan Redman (FB), Shawn Snodgrass (FB), Paul Schiavone (MF) and John Moreland (MF)

Newcomers: Seniors Jason Pence (FB),Tim Woodfield (MF) and Mike Prokopchek (FB); junior Chris Bush (MF)

Coach's outlook: "We have 12 seniors who have been a part of the program for three or four years. Any time you have this many seniors, it's positive. We have a difficult schedule, but a .500 season will put us in the playoffs. The players are excited, and they're ready to be competitive. If we make the playoffs, we're always very competitive in our region."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The 28 players who showed up for Southern's first practice would be a small number at most county schools. But they were a favorable sign for a program that failed to put a junior varsity team on the field last season. There were 12 each in seniors and freshman and two each in juniors and sophomores, so there's equal amounts of experience and inexperience. The Bulldogs play in the county's Bay Division this season.


Head coach: Greg Carroll (20th season)

Assistant coaches: Dave Moreland and Lou Schrumm

1990 record: 10-4-1, Region IVchampions, lost to Oakland Mills, 4-0, in 3A state semifinals

Returnees: Seniors Kevin Collison (G), Chris Asher (FB), Ryan Dunn (FB),Todd Knode (MF), Ross Knode (MF), Lonnie Schreffler (FB), Pat Stone (striker-MF), Chris Vales (MF), Sam Diaz (MF); juniors Andy Moede (FB), Tom White (striker), James Trimmer (striker), Neal Smith (striker), Phil Granger (striker), Chris Love (G)

Newcomers: Junior Louis Schrumm (MF); sophomores Jeff Schrumm (MF), Steve Spies (FB) and Lee Tilman (FB); freshman Dan Gerbasi (MF)

Coach's outlook: "We lost four starters -- David Dean on defense, Jim Chomas and Glen Fueston in the midfield and Mike Dougherty, our leading scorer. We're still looking for someone to fill the spots they left, and as of now, no one's filling the bill. But I know that someone will. Everyone seems positive about the season and they reported to practice in good shape. Mostguys know what's going on in our system."

Anne Arundel County Sunoutlook: Last year's squad lost only to Lackey, North County, Old Mill and Oakland Mills, and tied Broadneck. With six returning startersand three guys who were sometime starters, the Seahawks have hit theground running.

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