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From The Sun Sept. 8-14, 1841Sept. 9:...


From The Sun Sept. 8-14, 1841

Sept. 9: A Break Down -- We owe an apology to many of our readers for the late hour at which they were served with The Sun yesterday morning. An accident happened to our press, by which a portion of the publication was delayed several hours.

Sept. 11: Whipped -- Elizabeth Worthington, for rioting and James Williams, for fighting, were taken to the Middle District watch-house, on the night of the 9th inst., and reprimanded in the morning.

From The Sun Sept. 8-14, 1891

Sept. 8: Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of Labor Day throughout this country and Canada, and in many cities and towns the men and women of organized labor took a day off to celebrate the work people's holiday.

From The Sun Sept. 8-14, 1941

Sept. 11: The soldiers of the Twenty-ninth Division put on their own show, "Snap It Up Again," at the Maryland Theater last night for an audience composed of 1,700 men in uniform and a very good show it was.

Sept. 12: When the State closes its books on the fiscal year 1941 on September 30, the surplus in the treasury will have climbed to the unprecedented figure of $8,350,000, it was estimated yesterday by the Comptroller's Office.

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