A taste for trendy decor in children's rooms may disappear years before the children are grown. So one wise mother, when seeking a design for her daughters' bedrooms, opted for a time-tested traditional style centered on collections she had begun when her daughters were babies. The rooms were designed by Carol Siegmeister of Taylor/Siegmeister Associates.

Eight-year-old Karen's room features a doll collection and a doll house filled with miniature furniture. Such a collection might inhibit play activity in the room, but Ms. Siegmeister took that into consideration. She saved wall space by angling a specially designed trundle bed. When a trunk at the base of the bed is moved, the trundle slides out of the bed's base, ready for overnight guests. The arrangement allowed for the placement of a desk, a window seat and a lot of extra drawer space.

At 5, Stephanie already helps her mother choose the antique picture frames for the family photographs in her room. To complement the antiques, Ralph Lauren Home Collection wallpaper and dust ruffle were selected for the room. The unique headboards and drapery canopies were fashioned from lengths of new Victorian-style bric-a-brac traditionally used as exterior trim on Victorian-style houses. These, from Vintage Woodwork, are available by mail order. Built-ins here and in Karen's room are by Sawmaster Cabinetry.

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