Blondie's job uses her food experience


As "Blondie," the comic strip, turns 61 today, there's big news on her job search: Dagwood's better half is becoming a caterer.

"Dagwood is such a food fan. We thought it would jibe nicely," explains Amanda Hass, spokeswoman for King Features Syndicate Group.

And who better to ask about pleasing the palate than Gail Kaplan and Ansela Dopkin of the Classic Catering People in Owings Mills. The duo are expected to turn up on "ABC World News This Morning" and possibly even "Good Morning America" next week giving advice to the former full-time homemaker.

The company whipped up a number of '90s-style Dagwood sandwiches -- featuring soft shell crabs, roasted salmon and grilled tuna, among other things -- for the segment.

Says Classic Catering People president Eddie Dopkin, "We even joked about featuring a Dagwood in honor of Blondie."

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