Robert Reuter

Age: 43


Neighborhood: Belair-Edison.

Occupation: Rehabilitation/transportation consulting engineer with Access Systems.

Education: University of Maryland, B.A., 1975.

Experience in community groups, activities: Vice-president, Baltimore Area Transit Association; board of directors, Baltimoreans Against Disability Discrimination; Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: All citizens have a right to equality -- equality in opportunity for education, employment, jobs, etc. This goes hand-in-hand with responsibility to each other, community and city. A proper education for all children, and a fair opportunity for employment equals more people working and paying taxes and fewer needing services.

James W. Sims-El

Age: 46


Neighborhood: Ednor Gardens/Lakeside.

Occupation: Auto assembler (replacement operator) for General Motors.

Education: Community College of Baltimore, A.A., planning assistant, 1973; Morgan State University, B.S., urban studies, 1987.

Experience in community groups, activities: Northwood Athletic Association, area P.T.A. groups, Cloverdale Athletic Club.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: The most significant issue facing the constituents of the 3rd District is crime. I will introduce/support legislation to reduce the number of handguns and automatic weapons on the streets of Baltimore and support stronger penalties for the use of such weapons in the commission of a crime.


Elaine E. Urbanski

Age: 36

Neighborhood: Bauernwood Avenue.

Occupation: Education and volunteer services administrator, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

Education: Catholic High School of Baltimore, 1973; Loyola College, B.A., 1980; Johns Hopkins University, Master of administrative science, 1984.

Experience in community groups, activities: Co-chair, Vocational Advisory Committee, Baltimore City schools, 1990; chair, fundraising, Northwest Citizens Patrol; current member, Greater Baltimore Committee's Job Readiness Task Force and Teacher Recruitment Committee; member, George St. Elementary Restructuring Team; past president, Maryland Volunteer Network.


Other political offices: n/a.

Most significant issue: Education is the most important issue facing Baltimore City. If elected, I would advocate and legislate the following: Decentralize -- All schools need to adopt school-based management. We need to put more resources and central-office staff back into the classrooms. Train teachers, parents, business and community members in site-based management and in how to prepare our children to live and work in the 21st century.


George E. Brent

Age: 53

Neighborhood: Better Waverly.


Occupation: Administrator, employed by mayor and City Council Baltimore.

Education: No response.

Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Better Waverly community; worked with community groups throughout Baltimore as director of community relations for the office of the president of the City Council.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Major problems are maintaining basic services while balancing the budget and giving taxpayers the relief of continued assessment tax caps/gradual property tax reduction. As a member of the City Council, I would bring 12 years of experience with city government, as a Health Department administrator and as director of community affairs for the office of the president of the City Council. In many cases, using what we have will maintain services while allowing us to reduce spending.

Phillip A. Brown Jr.


Age: 37

Neighborhood: Northeast Baltimore

Occupation: No response.

Education: No response.

Experience in community groups, activities: No response.

Other political offices: No response.


Most significant issue: No response.

*Wilbur E. Bill Cunningham

Age: 41

Neighborhood: Ednor Gardens.

Occupation: Full-time Baltimore City Council member.

Education: Towson State University, B.S, 1971; University of Baltimore, Master of Public Administration, 1978.


Experience in community groups, activities: Board member, Harford Road-Belair Road Community Mental Health Center; faculty, Taft Institute of Government; president, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside Civic Association; co-founder and coordinator, Stadium Modernization Committee; co-chairman, Stadium Neighborhoods Coalition; board of directors, Stadium Task Force; Housing Committee chairman and board of governors, Citizens Housing and Planning Association; director, Northeast Real Estate Conservation Project.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: While education will continue to be my overriding concern, the residents of the new 3rd District are extremely concerned about crime. After years of study I introduced legislation calling for Community Oriented Police Enforcement. My COPE proposal was adopted by the Police Department, and I will work toward its successful implementation to decrease crime.

*Martin E. Mike Curran

Age: 56

Neighborhood: Northeast Baltimore.


Occupation: City councilman.

Education: Baltimore City College, 1955.

Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Knights of Columbus, United Christian Citizens, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick; volunteer, St. Vincent de Paul Society, HARBEL Arts Festival, Christmas in April; team sponsor, Northwood Baseball League.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: Three major issues come to mind immediately: education, crime and the high property tax rate. Education has to rank first. Our children need to be better prepared to enter the job market and to further their education. Many Baltimore public schools are forming partnerships with local employers. This has been a tremendous help. Only two Maryland subdivisions spend less per child than Baltimore. The Linowes commission's recommendations would help remedy that inequity. I will urge Annapolis legislators to adopt these recommendations.

Herbert J. Duberry Sr.


Age: 61

Neighborhood: Govans.

Occupation: Manager of security for Pan Am and Delta Airlines at National and Dulles Airports.

Education: Morgan State College, B.S., business administration, 1973; Antioch College, master of public administration, 1976.

Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Boy Scouts Council, 1966-1967; neighborhood commissioner, Fort Holabird, 1966-1967; president, student council (evening school) at Morgan State University, 1966-1967; chairman, discipline committee at Winston Elementary School, 1969-1970; president, Woodbourne Junior High School PTA, 1970-1971; president, Cross Keys Fraternity at Morgan State, 1970-1972; participated in United Fund/CICHA campaign, 1971-1977; member, policy board, Urban Regional Learning Center, Union for Experimenting Colleges and Universities at Morgan State University, 1974-1976; president, Northern High School PTA, 1976-1978; committee member appointed by mayor to design a municipal handbook, 1976; member of program to assist in inmate rehabilitation at Maryland House of Correction, 1970-1971; member, Northeast Baltimore Symphony Society, 1974-1976; steering committee, Coalition for Youth, Baltimore Contractors, Inc.; Department of Public Works liaison staff person, the Mayor's Youth Cabinet, 1976; chairperson, Regional Advisory Council, Region IV, Baltimore City public schools, 1977-1978; member, advisory committee on federal emergency funding for establishment of Baltimore School for the Arts; member, Urban League's Job Development Association, 1969; charter board member, 3rd District Metro Organization Inc., formed in 1977.

Other political offices: None.


Most significant issue: I have a deep concern about the lack of constituent services in the 3rd district regarding the repair of streets, street lighting, stop lights, dilapidated buildings, crime, jobs, education, economic development and care of senior citizens. I plan to make sound decisions based on careful assessment of the input on all constituent concerns. I will maintain a district office with evening and weekend hours, host community forums on a frequent basis in order that residents of the community are adequately informed and have input before decisions that affect their lives are made.

Nina Harper

Age: 40

Neighborhood: Belair-Edison.

Occupation: Account executive, AT&T.;

Education: No response.


Experience in community groups, activities: National Political Congress for Black Women, Optimist Club, Belair-Edison, Eastside Community Committee.

Other political offices: No response.

Most significant issue: I will work in partnership with all three levels of government, the private sector and the academic institutes to bring new jobs in the high technology industry. This offsets the heavy reliance on the property taxes and with additional state funding, helps us to provide the best educational system possible.

Linda C. Janey

Age: 40

Neighborhood: Govans.


Occupation: Planner for the state of Maryland.

Education: Morgan State University, B.A., political science, 1973; urban planning, 1979.

Experience in community groups, activities: National Assistance Management Association, York Road Council, Northeast Communities Organization, Concerned Citizens of Mid-Govans Community Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., NAACP, National Federation of Democratic Women, American Business Women Association.

Other political offices: Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners.

Most significant issue: Education is our most significant issue. This is the cornerstone to the solutions of the city's other problems. An educated population will be an economically empowered population. An educated population will provide a safe and enhanced quality of life for all. Education is the path to the "Cycle of Success."

Kevin O'Keeffe


Age: 27

Neighborhood: Loch Raven.

Occupation: Attorney.

Education: Georgetown University, A.B., 1986; Georgetown University Law Center, J.D., 1989.

Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Loch Raven Improvement Association; umpire for Loch Raven Youth Club.

Other political offices: No response.


Most significant issue: The council must play a role in restoring confidence in the public school system. It must establish site-based management, which gives teachers and principals more authority in dealing with students. The partnerships between schools and local businesses must be expanded. In addition, local universities should be encouraged to provide students to act as mentors for students from elementary school through high school. The school system should have high quality across the board, not isolated pockets of excellence. Specific and measurable goals must be established.

Martin O'Malley

Age: 28

Neighborhood: Lauraville.

Occupation: Lawyer with Donald Daneman, P.A.

Education: Catholic University of America, B.A., 1985; University Maryland School of Law, J.D., 1988.


Experience in community groups, activities: Member, Lauraville Community Association, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, St. Dominic's Parish; assistant state's attorney for Baltimore, 1988-1990.

Other political offices: None.

Most significant issue: The most important problem facing our city is the loss of homeowners to the surrounding jurisdictions. Crime, high car insurance, disparate property taxes and low quality schools all feed this exodus. We need new approaches and new leadership to retain the working families of our city, to allow our seniors to stay in their homes on fixed incomes, and to encourage new families to buy their homes in the city.

Margaret A. Saunders

Age: 37

Neighborhood: Coldstream, Homestead, Montebello.


Occupation: Senior customer representative for Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

Education: Eastern High School graduate, 1972; various courses taken at Community College of Baltimore, University of Baltimore and Loyola College.

Experience in community groups, activities: Second vice-president, Coldstream, Homestead, Montebello Community Association; previous member, 45th Legislative Caucus and East End Forum.

Other political offices: Elected to Democratic State Central Committee, 1986-1990.

Most significant issue: Housing seems to be the most significant issue throughout the 3rd District. Established neighborhoods desire a lower tax rate, while other neighborhoods need to be stabilized to offset the impact of the stadium's move. As a member of the City Council, my hope would be to help develop specific strategies to assist each area.

Francis J. Valle


Age: No response.

Neighborhood: Echodale Ave.

Occupation: Lawyer.

Education: Loyola College, B.S., M.Ed.; George Washington University, LLM., M.P.L., J.D.

Experience in community groups, activities: No response.

Other political offices: Judge, Baltimore City Orphans Court (two separate terms); commissioner, Workmen's Compensation Commission (two separate terms); assistant city solicitor; member, city zoning commission.


Most significant issue: Education. Abolish school board; implement coach-mentor program in all schools; exchange workable programs with parochial and private schools; institute Adopt-A-School program between city and suburban schools. Bring students and teachers from these schools together to work on basic educational deficiencies, such as reading and


Maegertha Whitaker

Age: 44

Neighborhood: Frankford/Moravia.

Occupation: Service order administrator with C&P; Telephone Co.


Education: Ralph J. Bunche High School, Weldon, N.C.; C&P; Atlas Home Study Program; Pennsylvania State University; Communication Workers of America Leadership Program.

Experience in community groups, activities: Frankford Improvement Association, Baltimore Working Women, NAACP Labor-Industry Committee, and A. Phillip Randolph Institute.

Other political offices: Maryland Democratic State Central Committee.

Most significant issue: Education is the most significant issue facing my constituents. If elected, I would join the existing group of elected officials and parents who want a decentralized school system where the individual school has predominant control over the school. This would be accomplished by strongly encouraging parental input and regular reviews of school progress to make

immediate adjustments if necessary.

Sylvia Williams


Age: 48

Neighborhood: New Northwood.

Occupation: Records analyst for Social Security Administration.

Education: Dunbar High School, 1959; Sojourner Douglass College, health care administration, 1991.

Experience in community groups, activities: President, Greater Northwood Covenant, 1988-present, trustee, 1979-present; president, New Northwood Community Association, 1979-1989, vice president, 1989-present; Northeast Juvenile Criminal Committee, 1979-present; Founder and past president, Northwood Walking Tour Committee; Maryland State Committee on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits, 1988-present; member, Northeast Community Organization.

Other political offices: Baltimore City School Board Nominating Committee, 1986-present; 44th District delegate campaign,


1986; Baltimore City Women's Commission, 1986.

Most significant issue: We need to put more resources into prevention and treatment. Organize our community block-by-block and neighborhood-by-neighborhood. We must mount a massive education campaign such as that which was done by the federal government in addressing anti-smoking efforts. It took several years, but it is beginning to pay off.