Casa Mia's, 40 York Road, Towson, 321-8707....


Casa Mia's, 40 York Road, Towson, 321-8707. Casa Mia's is one of Towson's newest restaurants -- and one of its friendliest. Indeed, eating here is reminiscent of a family dinner. People who come seem happy and chat as old friends with the easy-going but efficient servers. The atmosphere is bright and casual and the food -- American, Greek and Italian -- is fresh and well-seasoned; there's a variety of pizza and light fare, as well as full dinners. The portions are not large, but then neither are the prices. We found the homemade onion rings delicious and the crab soup zesty in a traditional Maryland way. $inexpensive.

' (Last visited 8/91.) Loveton Cafe, JMT Building, 72 Loveton Circle, Sparks, 472-2080. An office park at night is not the most welcoming place on earth, and the Loveton Cafe's decor is equally sleek and hard. The menu and service were far from intimidating, though. Don't expect the new or the challenging; the American-Continental cuisine -- such dishes as Maryland crab salad, salmon-stuffed filet of sole and veal Francaise -- were as conservative and well-made as a Volvo station wagon. $$moderate. (Last visited 8/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Egyptian Pizza, 542 E. Belvedere Ave., 323-7060. It's fanciful, this name Egyptian Pizza (on the order of Singapore moose stew), and what Egyptian Pizza sells is 30 different kinds of fanciful pizza. Skip all the Middle East stuff. We found bitter falafel, humus, and baba ghanouj, dry stuffed grape leaves, boring pasta, tasteless kefta kebabs and a Greek salad made with good greens but an all-vinegar dressing. So what? The key to a good meal here is thick, bready pizzas with interesting toppings. Take your own wine. $$moderate. (Last visited 6/91.)


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