Three men robbed a Lothian gas station at gunpoint Monday, taking $280 after locking two employees in the trunk of a 1950 Cadillac.

A police report says the men pulled up to Owens Sunoco, bought a quart of oil and put it in their yellow Subaru station wagon.

They drove off, but returned a few minutes later. One of the men got out of the car and threatened an employee with a .357-caliber Magnum handgun. The man seized a second employee and forced the two intothe trunk of the car.

Michael A. Owens, 25, of Lothian, and JamesA. Cosner, 22, of Shadyside, were uninjured. While in the trunk, they told police one of the men said, "Let me kill them." A few minutes later, they heard the men speed off.

The owner of the station, Frank Owens, let the employees out of the car. The men took the employees' wallets and the cash register.


Two Arnold men were beaten and robbed early yesterday by three attackers who accosted them as they sat in a car in Annapolis, policesaid.

The car was parked at President and Madison streets at 3 a.m. when three men approached, pulled one of the occupants from the car and stole a $385 portable stereo, police said.

The attackers repeatedly punched the two men, then ran, police said.

The victims declined medical treatment.


A Virginiaman who rode in a limousine from Annapolis to Dulles Airport in Virginia and back was arrested after he couldn't pay the $370.50 fare, police said.

Paul M. Haddad Jr., 23, of Falls Church hired the limo to pick him up in the unit block of Franklin Street just after 9 a.m.Tuesday and take him to Dulles and back, police said.

When the driver, from Silver Spring-based Regency Limousine Service Inc., tried to collect the fare upon returning to Annapolis more than four hours later, Haddad gave him a credit card, police said.

But the card could not cover the tab, and Haddad failed to get the money from relatives, police said.

Haddad was arrested after the driver called police.


A Riviera Beach man whodisappeared into Rock Creek Tuesday night while trying to escape police is believed to be alive and hiding, county police said yesterday.

Police had said Wednesday they were unsure whether Timothy Patrick Mahon, 28, of the 100 block of Dunlap Road, had made it to shore ordrowned.

Police spokesman Officer V. Richard Molloy said Department of Natural Resources police dredged the river all day Wednesday near where the man was last seen, but failed to turn up a body.

Officers last saw Mahon bobbing in the water about 300 feet from shore.

Police were called to the Dunlap Road area to pick up Mahon, who was wanted for allegedly violating his probation on a breaking-and-entering conviction and a traffic violation. When Mahon saw the officers,he ran down Dunlap Road, police said.

A police K-9 search dog spotted Mahon at the end of Main Avenue, a street that dead-ends at the creek. As the dog and officer approached the man, he jumped into the water and began swimming, police said.


A woman reported to police Tuesday that someone stole $25,000worth of jewelry from her summer home in the Sherwood Forest community.

Police found no signs of forced entry, but a report says the woman, who lives in Bethesda, left her front door unlocked.

Police say the jewelry was taken either on July 30 or 31 from a sock in the chest of drawers in the woman's bedroom. Nothing else was taken or disturbed in the home, located in the 400 block of Alan-Adale.

Reported stolen were a two-carat diamond ring worth $10,000; a two-carat diamond lavaliere set in 14-carat gold tiffany,

worth $10,000; one pair of half-carat earrings worth $4,000; and an Omega white gold watch worth $1,500.

The woman told police she didn't report the theftearlier because she was embarrassed.


A 28-year-old man was charged Tuesday with sexually assaulting a clerk at an Annapolis clothing store.

The woman told police that the man came into Jeans West Tuesday afternoon and said he needed help picking out clothes. While picking out pants, the police report says the man touched the woman's belt buckle "and made a comment of how nice he thought it was."

After getting several pairs of pants, the man went to the dressing room to change. The report says the man called the clerk to the room, but when she came into view, he hadhis pants unzipped and was masturbating, according to police.

Theclerk told police she stepped away and called witnesses over for protection. The man then asked the woman to hold up his shoulder straps while he buttoned his pants, police said.

As she turned to face him, police said, the man held her and complimented her on her waistline. After he left, the woman called police. The man was arrested outside the store.

David Charles Richards, of the 2000 block of Old Harbor Gates Drive, Annapolis, was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and assault.


A compilation of some of the crimes reported to state, Annapolis and Anne Arundel County police:


2000 block of Allen Drive: Tuesday-Wednesday, entry gained by unknown means; coin-operated washing machine containing $150 in quarters stolen from apartment laundry room. Total loss: $650.

100 block of West Street: Aug. 27-28; $180 taken from automated teller machine by someone using stolen bank card.

2000 block Renard Court; Tuesday, means of entry unknown; computer and monitor taken. Total loss: $2,000.


1800 block Pine Grove Court; Tuesday, entry gained through front window; 1989 Chevrolet taken from garage. Total loss: $13,000.

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