Keystone Gallery dislplays mixed-media paintings



8 E. Franklin St. "Atlas, Angels & the Amiga"

In this exhibit (through Oct. 2), artist Joan Asplen paints traditional, romantic, idealized nudes in watercolor, adds computer enhanced imagery (from an Amiga computer) and real objects (puzzle pieces, electronic elements) to create mixed-media paintings. According to gallery owner Kirsten Smith, these works "emphasize the conflict between human nature and technology, between the sensual and the mechanic." Call 576-8271. Namwalkie -- an African term meaning "from the fire" -- is an appropriate description of Lonnie Graham's photographs and raku-fired ceramics, which are created by the fire of sunlight and natural fire, respectively. According to Baltimore Clayworks director Deborah Bedwell the ceramics series yields forms in loose, organic shell or cone shapes, in a black, matte body against a smooth, white glaze. Mr. Graham's photographs, natural landscapes from Assateague Island and Mount Washington, are devoid of architecture and human form. The director of the photography program at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in Pittsburgh, the artist says his works are "symbolic of struggle to achieve balance and harmony within the natural realm." Until Oct. 1. Call 578-1919.


7200 Sollers Point Road. "Diverse Works: Martin Braukus and

Dan Herman."

"Diverse Works" was the only appropriate title for this exhibit (through Sept. 29), says Martin Braukus. "I do not have just one style," he says, "I alternate from cartoons to realism." Indeed. Among the Pennsylvania-born artist's works is a 2-by-36-foot canvas at the Commander Salamander clothing store in Georgetown that depicts the history of salamanders. Baltimore artist Dan Herman's works are equally difficult to categorize. Gallery coordinator Janet Anderson describes them as "assemblages that incorporate stained glass, painted sections and areas of wood and metal. . . . There's a real energy about them in their use of materials." Mr. Herman will give a lecture about his art on Monday at 12:30 p.m. in the gallery, located in the College Community Center. Call 285-9884.

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