The Wellness Community has been designated a recipient of money raised through the United Way of Central Maryland campaign that begins tomorrow.

The organization provides free psychological support to people with cancer as an adjunct to conventional medical care, through support groups, workshops, lectures and many other personalized programs.

Wellness Community will participate as a non-member of United Way. Wellness Community will not be eligible for the Combined Federal Campaign or the United Charity Campaign of Maryland State Employees until it has been open three years.

The Wellness Community is raisingmoney to open a facility in Anne Arundel County. The group is seeking $200,000 in donations. So far, it has raised about $110,000.

Last year the Wellness Community raised $2,364 through 27 pledges through the United Way Campaign.

When filling out your United Way donor choice form, check Box 4, "Specific Care: Non-United Way Agency." On the lines provided, write, "The Wellness Community, P.O. Box 232, Millersville, Md. 21108."

United Way will only recognize specified donations that are in the amount of $24 or more per year.

If you check the "acknowledgments" box, the agency will be notified of your contribution and will send a formal acknowledgment.

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