ESPRIT ADS ASK INTRIGUING QUESTION Campaign features customers' views


Advertising by some apparel manufacturers continues its innovative and interesting course -- maybe even more interesting than the season's clothes.

Esprit will most likely get lots of reaction to its new ad campaign themed to the question: "If you could change the world, what would you do?"

The answers -- provided by honest-to-goodness real people, not copywriters -- include:

*"I'd teach everybody that nobody is a nobody."

*"I'd keep a women's right to choose unless George Bush is free to baby-sit."

*"I'd get rid of gum on sidewalks so you wouldn't have to worry about stepping on it."

*"I'd end racism and the killing of my people in the streets."

Answers come from individuals who received an Esprit catalog last spring that included a page asking the question about changing the world.

The ads continue Esprit's commitment to social responsibility, according to Susie Tompkins, the firm's founder and creative director. "Young people have opinions that matter tremendously, but too often we don't listen," she says. "Hearing what these people say, letting them express themselves, urging them to be informed, be involved and make a difference -- that's what this campaign and this company are all about."

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