Borozzi resigns to take MSL's No. 2 job


The revolving front-office door of the Baltimore Blast turned again yesterday when general manager John Borozzi resigned to take over the re-created position of deputy commissioner of the Major Soccer League.

Borozzi's resignation means the team has gone through two general managers (Stan White and Borozzi) and made several other front-office changes in less than two years since Ed Hale bought the team.

White's official title was vice president/general counsel, but he had the duties of a general manager for one year before Borozzi took over.

Borozzi will not be replaced by a general manager. His duties will be split between current assistant general manager Drew Forrester and new staff member Rob Schraf, who has been named the vice president of sales and marketing. Schraf, 28, joins the Blast from the Washington Bullets, for whom he was a sponsorship manager.

Forrester, 28, will be vice president of soccer operations and handle player contract negotiations and all player personnel duties. He will continue to handle the media relations department and supervise game-day operations.

It appears to be a cost-cutting move for the Blast now that Borozzi is gone, but Forrester denied that money had anything to do with the realignment of the front office.

Forrester said the team would have additional announcements today at a news conference at 11 a.m.

Borozzi said last night that he didn't leave the Blast because of any problems with the organization.

Instead he said: "It's not often that you get a chance to have the No. 2 position in any league. I've enjoyed my total of eight years with the Blast, and I believe the soccer operations are in good hands with Drew and [coach] Kenny [Cooper]."

Borozzi said he will handle the daily operations of the MSL, freeing commissioner Earl Foreman to work on expansion and television contracts.

"Those are the things Earl does best," said Borozzi.

The MSL has not had a position of deputy commissioner since 1988, when Mitch Burke vacated the job. Burke, like Borozzi, was the Blast general manager before leaving to assume the deputy commissioner duties.

Borozzi, who is in the process of buying a home in Bel Air, said he jumped at the move for the deputy commissioner's job when he learned the league offices were moving from Overland Park, Kan., to the Baltimore-Washington area.

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