Port agency names a new deputy director


Finding the talent he wanted within his own organization, Adrian G. Teel, executive director of the Maryland Port Administration, announced yesterday the selection of Michael P. Angelos as deputy director of the port agency.

Mr. Angelos was general manager of Maryland International Terminals, the subsidiary of the MPA that oversees operation of the Seagirt Marine Terminal.

Mr. Angelos, a 39-year-old Baltimore native, has worked on the waterfront for more than 20 years. Before coming to the state port agency he was assistant vice president of operations for ITO Corp. of Baltimore, the largest stevedoring company in the port. Early in his career he belonged to the International Longshoremen's Association and has represented management and the state in labor negotiations with the dockworkers' union.

"He knows labor," Mr. Teel said. "He's been part of that. He knows management. He's seen the other side and the MPA side. He's got an unusual perspective on the port of Baltimore."

Mr. Teel, a newcomer to the maritime industry, said that he needed to find someone with broad experience in the field. Mr. Angelos "offers the MPA and the port a lot. It's a logical choice," Mr. Teel said.

Mr. Angelos said that his industry experience and Mr. Teel's managerial ability should make a strong combination.

Maritime executives agreed. Michael P. Cataneo, president of Cataneo Inc., a company that ties up ships as they come to the port, said, "I think the two complement each other very well." John T. Menzies III, chairman of the Terminal Corp., said of Mr. Angelos, "He can hit the deck running."

The selection of Mr. Angelos as deputy represents the continuation of Mr. Teel's efforts to reshape the port agency since he arrived at the MPA a little more than two months ago. Today Mr. Teel has scheduled a news conference to describe further steps he plans as part of the reorganization.

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