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From: Roy Shatt

Glen Burnie

I have been an avid fan of Rob Snyder's cartoons for some time now and would like to commend him on his outstanding work.

Every Sunday morning, I flip to the center of the Anne Arundel County Sun first, to see who or what is the subject of his satire.

His cartoons are not only humorous but insightful, giving a unique perspective to the current events of our county. They have lent themselves to discussions with our neighbors, family and friends on the current affairs ofAnne Arundel County, as almost never a Sunday goes by without someone saying, "Did you see Snyder's cartoon this morning?"

I hope to continue this "Sunday tradition" for years to come.


From: Tracey Raeke


I am a resident of Howard County but work in Anne Arundel County. Every workday at 11:30 I walk out to the paper box and get a newspaper to read while I enjoy my lunch. I look forward to reading the Anne Arundel County Sun. In the past few months, I have read several disturbing articles about Northeast High School. I cannot believe the school board would allow this to happen.

I drove down Duvall Highway on Aug. 28 and saw the rallytaking place. I would like to say that I am extremely touched to seeone community pulling together to be heard on what they believe in.

Today, Aug. 29, as usual I went out to the paper box to get my paper and again read about Northeast High School. I am appalled at the treatment of Virginia Zimmerman, an employee at Northeast for 11 yearsand recognized in January as employee of the month. I also understand that another member of the Northeast faculty has been transferred involuntarily to another school in the county. Why is the Board of Education doing this to their employees? Shouldn't they recognize the real problem and deal with that?

To see the community working together tells me that the school was running smoothly before the new principal was appointed. These people are tax-paying citizens and deserve to have say in how their school is run. With 80 students and parents showing (up) for the rally, this obviously isn't a personality conflict.

In reading the article, the name Zimmerman sounded very familiar to me. Thinking back, I remembered several articles about Judy Marsh and her battle with cancer. The articles said how the community ofPasadena was having fund-raisers for one of their own and Paul Zimmerman headed this cause. These people are active in their community and deserve to be heard. As one person stated in your article, "I thinkit is a violation of Paul's right to speak as an American." I personally feel the rights of Mrs. Zimmerman and any other involuntarily transferred employee who decided to speak out also have been violated.

In closing, I would like to tell the people of Pasadena not to give up and good luck in your endeavor. We need more communities like yours that are willing to fight for their children's education and wellbeing.


From: Jim Cermak

Riviera Beach

In light of the current county school crisis, it was very appropriate to see the Parade magazine article last Sunday about our secretaryof education's proposals for nationwide school reform. One of his significant recommendations for improving our children's educational well-being was for parents to become actively involved at the communitylevel. That's exactly what the parents at Northeast High School are doing, but apparently the school board is determined to disregard them.

Transferring teachers and staff members, and causing others to request transfers, is evasion of the issues and obviously not a solution to the problems.

The community of Northeast High School has tried valiantly to retain the teachers and counselors it deems valuableto the continued quality of education it provides. We have been fortunate to know Mr. Grimm personally as well as in the school system. We have seen him active in his church and community groups.

Mr. Grimm seeks to influence his students via a living example, encouraging and supporting them while demanding their best efforts and acceptanceof responsibility. We sincerely hope that Meade High School will appreciate him half as much as Northeast does. We know that good teachers are a priceless asset to our school.

It seems that we are on theright track here in Anne Arundel County, (Secretary of Education) Dr. Lamar Alexander. But continued progress will first require that we change our procedures by making our school boards elected rather thanappointed. Only then will they become responsive to the people they serve.

Best wishes to those leaving Northeast; you will be sorely missed. Good luck to the rest of us; our families' futures are at stake!

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