It wasn't the best way to tell the powers that be about a bump in Rowe Boulevard. But the message got through loud and clear.

An Annapolis road warrior, apparently weary of cruising over an unplanned speed bump in the west lane, wrote a pithy message on the protrusion last week.

"Fix Me," the neatly printed, 7-inch-high white letters pleaded.

The bump took up residence in the left lane, near the Route 50 split, about a year ago. That was around the same time the State HighwayAdministration took out a neighboring bump that had been wrecking havoc on vehicle alignments.

The newest bump, however, escaped official notice, but not passing tires. "We weren't aware of it," spokesman Russ Ulrich said yesterday. "Now that we are aware of it, we will take care of it tomorrow."

So crews in yellow highway trucks will descend upon the offending imperfection today to remove the graffiti and the bump and repave the area.

While the direct approach worked wonders this time, Ulrich doesn't recommend taking to the streets to paint love notes to state officials.

"I'm not aware of this ever happening before," he said. "There is no way we can go out and fix it if we don't know it exists. I think a phone call would have been a little more appropriate. But we're always interested in information from the public."


Anywhere else, it's a convenience store, a place you go in, get your Big Gulp, coffee, newspapers, maybe a bite to eat.

Then you leave, quickly -- at other 7-Eleven stores, that is.

But do not attempt this any afternoon at the 7-Eleven on Taylor Avenue in Annapolis.

Here, you wait with the others, in the parking lot or on Taylor Avenue, keeping your eyes peeled for a patch of dirt on either side of the lot or a piece of asphalt.

The eight parking spots will inevitably be full, with another half-dozen or so cars waiting at any given time, often spilling out onto Taylor Avenue, creating instant gridlock.

So if you're planning an afternoon stop at this inconvenience store any time soon, prepare for a big gulp of exhaust fumes.

Or drive an old car and have a little fun.

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