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Church attack on Planned ParenthoodThe right-wing anti-abortion...


Church attack on Planned Parenthood

The right-wing anti-abortion crowd is out in full force these days. Sadly, Baltimore's Catholic archdiocese appears to have allied itself with these reactionary elements.

Recently, the archdiocese launched a letter-writing campaign against the congressional effort to reverse the Bush administration's "gag rule," which prevents health-care workers from mentioning abortion as a legal option without risking the loss of their agency's federal funding of family planning services.

The material distributed at local churches contains misleading and pejorative language that seems likely to increase the heat without shedding any light on the issue. The flyer characterizes Planned Parenthood as an abortion advocate and accuses the organization of plotting to divert federal funds intended to help prevent unintended pregnancies into abortion counseling and referral "as a routine method of birth control."

What nonsense! Planned Parenthood does not advocate abortion under any circumstances. What it wants is to make sure that pregnant women are made aware of all legal options regarding an unwanted pregnancy. The issue, despite the campaign organizers' suggestion to the contrary, is not about abortion advocacy. It is about free speech and the right of poor women to receive the same information available to their more fortunate sisters. Shame on us if we deny it to them!

sobel V. Morin


Levitan vote

In an Aug. 20 letter to me from Robert S. Hillman, chairman of the Baltimore Convention Center Authority, Mr. Hillman stated: "On behalf of the Baltimore Convention Center Authority, I want to thank you for your support of the proposed Convention Center expansion, and your vote in the committee hearing earlier today. Hopefully, the tied vote this afternoon will not spell the end of this project, which is extremely important to the state."

In The Evening Sun article of Aug. 21, it was noted that I cast the tying vote that essentially killed the project. To set the record straight: I voted in favor of releasing the funds, once the matching funding was in place. As three members were not zTC present for the vote, the proposal will be brought up again before the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

Laurence Levitan


The writer is chairman of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.

Schaefer's blunder

While the children whom Governor Schaefer stood up may not have been offended, voting adults have been. Governor Schaefer, 1,000 children at a fishing tournament may not excite you. The professional fishermen, heroes to many children, may not excite you. Local dignitaries and the voting public evidently do not interest you.

Had you sent a word, you would have been seen as gracious and hard-working. Now all those involved may choose their own description for a public figure who ignores protocol, children and a chance to make Maryland shine for a brief moment as a warm, friendly state happy to entertain people of all ages.

I find it ironic that our governor, who travels far and wide to promote Maryland, would once again embarrass us all on a national scale.

Sandra Herrick

Middle River

Draft Schaefer

He was once mayor, and now as governor, William Donald Schaefer has made progress in cleaning up the bay and the environment.

So if the Democrats are looking for someone who knows the issues affecting us all, why not choose Governor Schaefer as president or vice president? After all, who would ever have thought that a movie star could become president twice?

Robert Hoover


Political blight

Since last March I have been trying to get the city housing department to enforce the laws and make the owner of a home correct over 14 housing code violations, to protect other homes in the neighborhood.

Seven doors down from the home with these violations is a boarded-up building. Campaign posters to re-elect incumbents to the City Council are pasted on the boards that cover the windows. These are the same representatives who have been unable to assist us in getting the housing code violations corrected.

After the campaign is over the posters will still be there, adding to the blight. We should take a second look at the candidates who add to the problem by posting their signs on abandoned buildings. Do Baltimoreans want this type of representation?

Charles D. Connelly


Pro-life convictions

Your attack on the integrity of the Rev. Pat Robertson made my blood boil. The Rev. Robertson went to Wichita, Kan., in spite of threats that he would be arrested if he spoke there. The Rev. Robertson, a well-respected pro-lifer, speaks his convictions and those of of many Americans who find abortion abhorrent.

Why don't you stop attacking those you disagree with and begin unbiased reporting on the abortion issue? This includes truthful reporting on abortion procedures. If not, your paper also could be called hypocritical.

J. Bellin


High sales tax hike

The Aug. 27 editorial, "Day of reckoning," suggests "that a 1 percent sales tax increase is virtually inevitable." I would point out that the suggested increase is 1 cent on the dollar, and in fact represents a 20 percent increase of the existing sales tax of 5 cents on the dollar. Some remedial math for the editorial staff is in order.

Albert Thomas Holt


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