Winner will deliver the mail, for now Mailman, 34, 2 grandparents hit the lottery.

Robert Shinsky says he will keep on delivering the mail in Baltimore, for now. But he'll probably call in sick today.

Shinsky, 34, from Stewartstown, Pa., came home from a vacation in North Carolina Monday night and discovered that he had won $3.5 million in the Aug. 24 drawing of the Maryland Lotto game.


"I went crazy," he said yesterday at lottery headquarters. "It's the first thing I've ever won. "

This time, the Lottery Agency will come through for the Shinskys with an initial payment of $138,401, followed by 19 annual payments of $136,500, all after taxes.


Shinsky, married and a father of two girls, ages 6 and 3, was the second winner to show up yesterday.

Earlier, two great-grandparents, David and Mary Hasty of Baltimore, claimed their $1.5 million annuity for matching all six numbers drawn in the Aug. 31 Lotto drawing.

The Hastys will collect an initial payment of $58,051, followed by 19 annual payments of $58,725, all after taxes.

David Hasty, 51, is a painter with the maintenance department at the Rosewood Center in Owings Mills. His wife, 55, is a cashier and waitress in the dietary department at the James Lawrence Kernan Hospital in Baltimore.

Lottery spokeswoman Theresa Gutierrez said the Hastys have six children, ages 30 to 38; 17 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

They told lottery officials yesterday they plan to buy a house, and pay bills.

After the Hastys left lottery headquarters at the Reisterstown Road Plaza yesterday, Robert Shinsky showed up to claim his winnings, driven and escorted by two of his brothers and a friend.

"I told my brothers, I said, 'You'll have to drive me to the Lottery Commission, because I don't think I could drive," he said.


Luck seems to run in the family. Brother Scott Shinsky took advantage of the trip to Baltimore to collect $2,500 he won in a recent Pick 4 drawing, and brother John collected $36 for matching four Lotto numbers last week.

Robert, who delivers the mail in downtown Baltimore, bought his winning ticket Aug. 23.

When he got home Monday night, he asked his father if he had written down the Aug. 24 winning numbers. He had written down some Lotto numbers, and they matched. But "he didn't know which dates."

So Shinsky drove to a nearby lottery outlet and got a printout of the winning numbers. "I was shaking," he said. He called his wife immediately, but "she didn't believe me. I said, 'I'm telling the truth. I got all the numbers here.' " Asked if he would quit lugging mail, Shinsky said, "I have no idea yet. I've got 15 years in with the government -- 11 with the Post Office, and four with the military -- and it all counts. But I've got to go see a financial adviser and see what's best for me. . . . If it doesn't pay for me to work, why work?"

The winning numbers drawn in Saturday night's drawing were 02, 04, 27, 31, 34, 39. Forty-seven players who correctly matched five of the six winning numbers will collect $1,230 each. Another 2,739 players who matched four numbers will collect $36 each.

The jackpot in tonight's drawing is an annuity worth $1 million.