17 head of cattle reported stolen in Frederick Co. HC


Sixteen strange-looking cows and a calf were stolen from a New Market pasture late last week, the second cattle rustling in several days in Frederick County, according to state police.

Emerson L. Burrier of Frederick said that he went to the pasture off Route 75 Saturday afternoon and found that beef cattle worth at least $12,800 were missing, probably taken away in one or two trucks between Thursday and Saturday.

The cattle look unusual because of the breeding, the farmer said: "I take an odd of one thing and an odd of another and breed them."

Mr. Burrier said that he had cattle with zebra stripes, white cattle with black heads and "some that are all speckled up."

The herd looks different enough that people sometimes stop by the side of the road to take pictures. "Everyone in the country knows they are mine when I sell them," Mr. Burrier said.

Farmers often sell their animals at cattle sales, held once a week in Hagerstown, Frederick and Westminster, he said. However, he speculated that the cows may already have been shipped out West or slaughtered.

Six bulls and two cows were stolen earlier last week from a pasture about 300 yards from Mr. Burrier's herd.

Mr. Burrier said that each of his cows weighed about 1,200 pounds. His total herd numbered about 100, he said.

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