From: John Brown

Carroll County sheriff

I endorsed Mike Downey, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress for Maryland's 6th District., during his tour of my offices Aug. 26.

Mike and I agree that it is time for a change in our representation in Washington and I believe he is the best person to do the job.

We agree on many issues critical to improved law enforcement at the county level.

These issues include:

* Tougher prison sentences for convicted drug dealers and users.

* Mandatory capital punishmentfor drug kingpins.

* Improved allocation of federal crime prevention monies to local communities.

* Increased reform of federal crime prevention policies and procedures.

I am looking forward to working with Mike Downey on the campaign trail and when he represents usin the U. S. Congress. Mike has a quality sorely lacking in most candidates today -- and that's common sense.

I encourage all of the people of Carroll County and the 6th District to get to know him and to support his candidacy.

Downey said it is "always nice to know folks like Sheriff Brown are supporting my campaign efforts."

"I am overjoyed to accept his endorsement and am confident it will help thevoters of Carroll County and the 6th District get to know me and whyI'm running for Congress."

As a few of the issues he wants to highlight in his campaign, Downey cited his support for:

* Congressional term limitations.

* A roll-back of excessive congressional salaries.

* The banning of Political Action Committee contributions in federal campaigns.

Downey is in the middle of a "50 towns in 50 days" tour of the 6th District and will visit Carroll County "as often as possible" throughout the campaign.


From: Edna Miller


I enjoyed the article (The Carroll County Sun, Aug. 11) you wrote about Mousekin and me.

Friends saw the write-up and brought me copies. I have enough to send my editor and marketing department at Simon and Schuster and still have one to hang on my studio wall.

It will cheer me on as I start another book.

Please thank your photographer for taking such a kind and unwrinkled picture of me and thank you, too, for your fine story.


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