Head coach: Roy Brown (third season).

Assistant coaches: Bill Phebus, Ken Dunn, Dennie DeWitt and Ben Price.

1990 record: 5-5.

Returnees: Seniors Dan Flynn (DE), Ray Henson (E), Ty Selby (FB-LB), Andrew Yiannoulou (G), Demond Galloway (DT),Jeff Golas (C), Shawn Cole (DB-RB), Mario Dominick (RB), Richard Mears (QB), Shawn Woodland (LB-DE) and Gary Smith (RB-DB); junior Brandon Tinker (OL).

Newcomers: Juniors Brendan Bellotte (OL) and Mike Fraioli (E); sophomores Chris Johnson (QB), Juan Johnson (QB) and Kevin Belt (DB).

Coach's outlook: "I'm very pleased with the kids. Everybody is working hard and looking good out there. They're young, andthey have a lot of enthusiasm. I think that enthusiasm will help us a lot. We have lots of depth, and overall, I'd say we're quicker thanlast year. I don't see any weaknesses on this team. I think we have the potential to fight for the league title, but it's going to be rough."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Panthers have enough bodies (115 for varsity and JV combined in late August) to cover for anyemergency, and some experienced returnees at most of the skill positions. Annapolis' fortune could hinge on the readiness of its underclassmen.


Head coach: Greg Fuhrman (second season).

Assistant coaches: Jim Nemeth, Terry Magnan and Nelson White.

1990 record: 0-8-1.

Returnees: Seniors Matt Demarco (LB-C), BrianEdwards (FS-QB), Osric Prioleau (OLB-FB), Ralph Ellis (NG-OG); juniors Dan Wolf (SS-HB), Chris Lucas (QB-CB), Tim Alber (ILB-TE) and Pat Kiley (CB-WB).

Newcomers: Juniors Alexi Baltins (DT-OT) and Jeff Paxson (WB-CB).

Coach's outlook: "Our No. 1 goal is to win our first game. The more games that pass the more difficult it becomes. There's not one kid in our program that has tasted a victory so it will bedifficult until they know what that experience is all about. The longer you go on losing, the tougher it is to have confidence and make winning tangible."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The faculty at Archbishop Spalding reminds its student-athletes that winning isn't everything. The Cavaliers haven't won much lately. The Cavs are not only hungry for a win, they're famished. Look for that drought to end this year however, when Spalding upends one of its out-of-county opponents.


Head coach: Hayse Henderson (second season).

Assistant coaches: Elliott Harvey, Bob Powell, Tom Harmon and Scott Harmon.

1990 record: 1-9.

Returnees: Seniors Derrick Barr (FB-DB), Gerald Johns (SE), John Oxendine (QB), Alfred Harris (OT-DT), Jaki Beasley (TE), Kevin King (DT), Kevin Powell (DB), Jay Twardowski (DB) and Marshall Naymick (DB).

Newcomers: Senior Arthur Buckley (DE); junior Harold Clark (LB); sophomore Kenny Walker (RB).

Coach's outlook: "So far, we're looking fair, or should I say that we're further along than we were last year at this point. I think we have thepotential to have a good season. The good thing about this team is that it's a veteran ballclub. We have a lot of seniors that will give the team some leadership. Now whether we play like a veteran team, that's a different story."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Mustangs' opening game against state semifinalist Springbrook of Montgomery County should be a good barometer in which to measure Henderson's club. One thing, for sure, his team definitely should be able to top last year's mark. More experience all around, along with a potentially quick backfield operating out of the wishbone, should land Meade somewhere between 4-6 and 6-4.


Head coach: Buddy Hepfer (15th season).

Assistant coaches: Bob Beauchemin and Dave Maka.

1990 record: 5-5.

Returnees: Seniors Matt Henson (FB-LB), Brett D'Camera (G), Russell Sigley (C), Vince Squire (DE), Monte Lomax (LB), Desi Lomax (S) and Ricky Gladwell (CB); juniors Trevor McNamara(CB), George Epps (LB) and Greg Booth (OT).

Newcomers: Seniors Dustin Sears (G) and Geoff Downes (G); juniors Danny Doffermyre (OE) and Trevor Shar (G).

Coach's outlook: "Overall, the varsity is down in numbers as compared to other years. So far, we're carrying six sophomores and a freshman on the varsity, and at the moment, they may bejust a little intimidated. Defensively we're pretty set. We have some experience and they should be fairly strong. But I'm not so sure about things offensively."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: As usual, Hepfer is approaching the upcoming season cautiously. Stopping the other teams might not be as much of a problem as putting points on the board. Expect the Wildcats to finish somewhere in the middle of thepack of the 4A League, along with Broadneck, Annapolis and Meade, provided Henson can help them solve their offensive backfield mysteries.


Head coach: Dave Rigot (15th season).

Assistants: Don Gibson, Lennie Thomas, Dave Griffith and Mike Rudd.

1990 record: 6-4.

Returnees: Seniors Dave Lanham (QB), Alphonso Generette (FB), Bo Nixon (FB), Trae Gillis (RB), Dan Whitmoyer (RB), Walt Choynski (OT-DT), Al Greenwood (OT-DT), Ricky Kramer (OG), John Spencer (OG-LB), John Singleton (TE-LB), Tyrone Henderson (FB-LB), Bill Nagle (C), Ed Piper (TE) and Brian Thorton (OG); juniors Jeff Smith (RB), Kevin Pitts (OT-DT), Ed Santiago (RB), Joey Graham (TE-DE) and Jeremy Lee (C); sophomore Eric Scheppske (OT).

Newcomers: Seniors Ray Harrod (RB), Steve Cook (RB) and Damon Jones (RB); juniors CarltonAllen (RB), Paul Alt (FB), Jeff Bartlett (OG-DE), Dave Brewster (RB), Matt Griffith (OT-DT), Donny Hawk (OT-DT), Larry Kouns (RB), Brian Pierce (OG), John Sponaugle (QB) and Glen Zucco (E).

Coach's outlook: "We're a young team, but like last year, we have good team speed.We're quick everywhere. But I don't know how badly our inexperience is going to hurt us."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Glen Burniemight have lots of team speed, but don't expect the Gophers to race out to another 6-1 start like last season. A .500 record would be nice in the grueling 4A.


Head coach: Jeff Herrick (third season).

Assistant coaches: Ken Kazmarek, Pat Kostkowski, ArtTate and Bruce Villwock.

1990 record: 3-7.

Returnees: Seniors Steve Bruso (TE), Eric Schwenke (TE), Brian Jones (OT), Alex Waddell (OT-DL), Greg Johnson (OG), Cliff McClain (OG), Thad Holsberg (C), Seth Lopatkiewicz (FB), Mike Gruentzel (WR-DB), Larry Krzyzaniak (TB-DB), David Macauley (LB), Jamal Muse (DL) and Dan Leatherman (DL); juniors Brian Tate (QB) and Bobby Weatherly (S).

Newcomers: Senior Mike Strohman (QB); juniors Chuck Eaton (TB) and Alvin Brown (OL-DL).

Coach's outlook: "Based on our size, speed and experience, we shouldbe very competitive. I'm a believer that you take one scrimmage at atime and one game at a time. I just want our players to put forth their best effort in each scrimmage and each game, and we'll take them one at a time."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With the majorityof its starters back on offense and defense, including most of the offensive line, Broadneck looms as the dark horse in the highly competitive 4A League. The Bruins were better last year than their record indicates, and a better record this fall is likely. But, as Herrick says, the schedule has no breathers. The Bruins remain a step behind the elite, but they're getting closer.


CAPTION: After struggling the past few years, the Broadneck Bruins hope to run their way to more victories in 1991.


Head coach:Tom Kraning (fourth season).

Assistant coaches: Jim Simms, Brien McMurray, Bernie Williams and Gene Sepe.

1990 record: 1-9.

Returnees: Seniors Jamie Robertson (QB), Jeremy Suit (OG), Tim Wilde (OT), Shawn Somers (OG), Kevin Sellers (LB), Wayne Rubie (HB), Tony Perillo (LB), Mark Olson (CB), Adam McCann (CB) and Chris Price (OT); junior Brandon Steinheim (HB).

Newcomers: Senior Pete Boone (FB); juniors Brian Pitzer (FB), Jon Curry (FB) and Chuck McConnell (NG); sophomore Joe Lee (OT).

Coach's outlook: "Our problem last year was we were young and we struggled looking for leadership, but this year, with 20 seniors back, we don't have that problem. The team's attitude is good, and the kids are working hard. We have to win some games early and get some confidence back. We need to put one or two in the win column to build that confidence. The first couple of games will be critical."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With the majority of last year's squad back on the field, Kraning can expect to see his Cougars improve on their 1-9 record. Kraning's players endured their shareof defeats in 1990 and are looking to give some paybacks. Look for Chesapeake to surprise a few teams and then fall short of the .500 mark.


Head coach: Chuck Markiewicz (second season).

Assistant coaches: Brad Wilson, Don Usewick, Al Pindell and Del Hughes.

1990 record: 8-2.

Returnees: Seniors Anthony Walker (RB-LB), Troy Ross (DB-WR), Kevin Harris (LB), Randy Swain (WR) and John Bilheimer (WR); juniors Eric Howard (DE), Damon Martin (WR), Mike Quarles (RB-DB), Eric Schwink (C-LB) and Vinnie Elliott (DB-RB).

Newcomers: Sophomores Corey Fowler (DL) and Jarryn Avery (OL).

Coach's outlook: "Everyone's saying, 'You're with the big boys this year,' because we've picked up a full county schedule. But we weren't 8-2 just because of last year's schedule -- we were successful because wehad good athletes. We know what to expect; we've seen and heard it all. Some teams may beat us, but if anyone overlooks us, they're making a big mistake."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: There's no chicanery here: The Knights, to a man, are ready to test their wide-open attack on the county's best teams this season. And even though countysquads will know what to expect from the Knights' passing attack, itnonetheless will be difficult to stop. The Knights return plenty of firepower, and Markiewicz will add a few surprises so that the Knights can finish near the top of the 4A.


Head coach: Jim Doyle (first season).

Assistant coaches: John Bodley, John Beckman, Sam Medile and Dwayne Elsey.

1900 record: 8-2, MSA C Conference tri-champs with St. Mary's and St. Paul's.

Returnees: Seniors Jason Wade (TB-ILB), Randy Morse (FB-OLB), Todd Muendel (OG-ILB), MikeFisher (SE-P-DB), Brian Kight (OG-OLB), Ben Andrews (OG), and Doug Shafer (DB); juniors Chris Pitkin (SE-DB), Jake Mack (FL-DB) and ChrisCossentino (OL).

Newcomers: Seniors John Collins (DT) and GraydonRipley (DE); juniors Dave Lachapelle (OL) and Scott Singleton (C); sophomore Brad Fowler (QB).

Coach's outlook: "I think we're going to be pretty good this year with all the experience we have. Last yearwe were two plays from being 10-0, but then again, we were two playsaway from being 6-4. We have to stay healthy because our depth is not great. If we can stay injury-free and get a few breaks, I think we'll be right there again playing for the championship."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Doyle is optimistic about his team's chances ofcapturing the MSA C Conference title, and with good reason. He returns a good portion of an offensive line capable of opening holes as well as providing ample time for first-year signal-caller Fowler. Look for Severn to be the team to beat in the parity-laden C Conference.


Head coach: Pete Regala (ninth season).

Assistant coaches: Mike Marcus, Jack Bliss, Dave Caprio and Rod Williams.

1990 record: 9-2, Region IV champions, lost to Thomas Wootton of Montgomery County, 17-7, in 4A state quarterfinals.

Returnees: Seniors Harald Peters (RB-DB), Derric Johnson (RB-DB), Tim Newby (QB-DB), Melvin Carter (RB-LB), Sung Jo (RB-DB), Rufus Beard (RB-DB), Steven Oliver (K), Darian George (RB-LB), Austin Johnson (C), Melvin Dorsey (OG-LB), Mike Mahoney (OT-DT), Jim McAdams (OL-DL), Robert Rubarth (OT-DT), William Reese (OT-NG), Israel Deschaine (TE-DE) and Ernie Longazel (TE-DE); juniors John Bliss (RB-DB), Aaron Inkrote (RB-DB) and Brian Jones (QB-DB).

Newcomers: Seniors Chris Yurwitz (QB-LB), Ron Tubaya (RB), Rocky McMillan (RB-DB), Jamail Wright (OL-DL) and Eric Sheppard (RB-DB).

Coach's outlook: "We're hoping to be tougher than last year, to be as good or better. No predictions. We just want to improve on what we did last year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook:The Patriots will miss quarterback Eric Scott and all-purpose back William Beverly. But this remains a talented team -- plenty of depth on the offensive line and in the offensive and defensive backfields --and a strong playoff contender.


Head coach: Andy Borland (19th season).

Assistant coaches: Russ Roberts, Bob Ferguson, Mike McTammany and Dick Keck.

1990 record: 7-3, county 4Achampions, lost to Springbrook of Montgomery County, 34-3, in 4A state quarterfinals.

Returnees: Seniors Rob McCandless (TE), John Jennings (TB), Mark Miles (OG), Travis Koballa (SB), Aaron Cree (FB), Thad Turpin (DT), Brian Stephens (LB), Gerald Cager (TB-DB), Matt Glenn(DB), John Novak (DB), Pat Krashoc (LB) and Justin Perry (OG); juniors Tim Bowerman (QB) and Dan Probst (DT).

Newcomers: Senior Jason Evans (OT); junior Chad Dubeau (OT); sophomore Sean Miller (DB).

Coach's outlook: "Our goal is the county championship. If we win the county title, we'll be in the state playoffs. And that's where we wantto be. (Last year) everybody said, 'You didn't win the region championship. You're not going to make it.' We made it. But we'll just takethem one at a time. We need to stay healthy, especially with the numbers we have."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The most importantnumber for Severna Park is the one on Jennings' back. With just a little help up front, he again should find plenty of daylight. Combinedwith a steady season from Bowerman, the Falcons should return to theplayoffs.


Head coach: Dave Summey (third season).

Assistant coaches: Jim Henne, Chuck Golch, Tom Newman and Lance Evans.

1990 record: 6-4.

Returnees: Seniors Trevor Perkins (C-LB), Chris Messineo (RB-DB), Ryan Mansur (G-NG), Kevin Ferguson (RB-LB), Edmund Hicks (G-LB), Jake Cameron (QB-DB), Joey Fuqua (G-DT) and Ricky Brookman (RB-DB).

Newcomers: Seniors Joe Messenese (RB-DB), Derrick Raikes (OT-NG), Jime Wilson (TE-DE), K. C. Palmer (RB-DE),Mike Dye (G-DT) and Robert Schmaldienst (G-DT); juniors Karl Baranek(DT-OT), Jimmy Barnard (DT-OT), Jason Fullmer (TE-DB), Jaron Hairston (TE-DE), Richard Bembe (RB-DB) and Greg Avery (QB-DB).

Coach's outlook: "Our goal is to make the state playoffs. We didn't qualify last year, and we didn't do it two years ago when we were 7-3. We're a little thin, depth-wise, but we'll be competitive as long as we can stay healthy."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With eight returning starters in key positions, the Seahawks have significant experience. But Summey was somewhat disappointed in the turnout this year, and with linemen averaging only 180 pounds, the Seahawks could have a tough time going above a .500 record.


Head coach: Buck Gardner (16th season).

Assistant coaches: Al Hunt, Jeff Cranford, Tyrone Neal and John Aylor.

1990 record: 4-6.

Returnees: Seniors Andy Dawson (RB-DB), Curtis Holland (LB-DB), Jesse Marks (OE-DE), David Sisas (DT-OT) and Joe Conte (OG-DT); juniors Troy Dennis (QB-DB) and Jayme Block (RB-DE).

Newcomers: Sophomores Joe McCafferty(QB), Jamar Mullen (DB) and Wayne Small (DB).

Coach's outlook: "We've got a lot of young people out for the team this year, and we're not graced with talent. I haven't really seen anything yet, but I think we can be competitive."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Gardner began last year's season with high hopes and ended it with a modest4-6 record. So with much less talent this year, he isn't quite sure how his younger team will respond. One thing Gardner does know is that his charges won't be able to contend against county teams like Severna Park, North County and Old Mill. But he has added a few new teamsto the schedule, which should help the Bulldogs in the "W" column oftheir record. With only seven starters returning from last year's team, the Bulldogs will have their hands full simply trying to do better than the 2-8 record of two years ago. Therein lies the goal of the Southern squad.


Head coach: Bart Rader (ninth season).

Assistant coaches: Mike Cothan, Tony Werner, Kevin Buckley and Chuck Yocum.

1990 record: 3-7.

Returnees: Seniors Bill Atwell (OT), James Cantor (OT), Derek Dolch (LB), Steve Gorski (OT-DT), David Haynie (OT), Charles Hoffman (S), Kevin Murphy (QB), Rich Spiegel(OG-DG) and Keith Winters (OT); juniors Mike Adams (G) and Chris Kelly (RB).

Newcomers: Seniors Lamont Miller (RB-WR), Paul Montgomery(RB) and Randy Thomas (TE); juniors Tim Disesi (S), Phil Brown (OT-DT), Alan Grunder (LB), Chris Peterson (DE), Pat Rucker (G) and Rick Sweitzer (OT).

Coach's outlook: "We're not big or fast, but we havea lot of good athletes. And if there's one thing about the guys on this team that will really help, it's that no matter what the score is, they always play to win. At quarterback, we'll be looking for a leader between Dolch and Murphy."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Dolch and Murphy shared the quarterback position a year ago, with Murphy playing a little more often. With seven more returning starters anda schedule geared more toward the 2A level, Northeast should improveon last year's record and possibly pull a surprise victory over a middle-of-the road team.


Head coach: Brad Best (third season).

Assistant coaches: Mike Codd, O. T. Campbell, Hank Garief, Dave Lombardi, Vince DePasqule and Tony Pagliero.

1990 record: 8-2, MSA C Conference tri-champs with Severn and St. Paul's.

Returnees: Seniors Rory Kiernan (C-DT), Adam Hrebiniak (QB), Shawn Harper (OT-DT), Joe Conte (WB), Keith Kretkowski (SE), Ward Eichelberger (DE), Steve Krupinsky (WB), Norm Tucker (OT), Fran McAndrews (SE-FS) and Todd Harrison (OG); juniors Joe Greenlee (DE), Mark Zeller (ILB).

Newcomer: Junior Ed Zelzin (OG).

Coach's outlook: "With 18 seniors graduated, you would think we're in a rebuilding year, but our seniors don't think so. They're confident in their ability, and I'm confident in them. We lost a lot of people, and they'll be hard to replace. But one advantage we have over last year's squad is we're quicker. If we catch some luck early in the season, we should have another good year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Whether St. Mary's believes it or not, it is young. Look for the Saints to grow up in a hurry, taking their lumps along the way. A winning season is not out ofreach for the Saints, but an MSA C Conference championship appears at least a year away.

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