Woman robbed of money, keys and her pants jHC


A 35-year-old Columbia woman lost $30, her car keys and her pants early yesterday to a man who attacked her outside her place of employment in Southwest Baltimore, city police said.

The victim, Jung Son Yi of the 5400 block of Luckpenny Place in Columbia, was struck on the head from behind after leaving her car in the 100 block of South Warwick Avenue. Her assailant demanded "Money! Money!" Ms. Yi, a seamstress who has a limited understanding of English, said she had no chance to respond before the attacker pulled down her pants.

Despite her resistance, he pulled off the pants containing her money and the car keys and ran off with them, police said.

The victim's sister-in-law, Teresa Yi, said a resident of the neighborhood gave the victim a blanket to cover herself and another resident brought her a skirt.

"She is upset and shocked by the incident," the sister-in-law said, adding that the victim had skinned knees and elbows in the encounter.

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