Here's how the current congressional delegation would fare under the plan


How the members of Maryland's congressional delegation would fare under the latest redistricting plan:

*Wayne T. Gilchrest, R-1st, would see his Eastern Shore-based district extend into Baltimore County and would face the

prospect of having to run against fellow Repub

lican Helen D. Bentley.

*Bentley, R-2nd, would have her Baltimore County-based district obliterated. She might face off against Gilchrest or, more likely, challenge Cardin or McMillen.

NB * Benjamin L. Cardin, D-3rd, would keep his Baltimore base but

exchange friendly territory in Howard and western Baltimore Counties for conservative Republican areas in northern Baltimore County.

*Tom McMillen, D-4th, would keep most of his Anne Arundel County-based district, while picking up part of Howard County and some unfriendly former Bentley territory in southeastern Baltimore County.

*Steny H. Hoyer, D-5th, would have a skinny new district stretching from the southern tip of Maryland, through white areas of Prince George's County to the Frederick County line as mapmakers struggle to keep the prominent Democrat in office.

*Beverly Byron, D-6th, would keep most of her Western Maryland district but pick up territory she doesn't want in northern Baltimore and Harford counties.

* Kweisi Mfume, D-7th, would add friendly parts of the Liberty Road corridor to a district that encompasses the inner city and adjacent areas of western Baltimore County.

*Constance Morella, R-8th, would keep her Montgomery County district largely intact.

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