Meggett gets 2-year deal Dolphins sign Edmunds


Former Towson State running back Dave Meggett received a $600,000 a year raise yesterday from the New York Giants, signing a two-year deal worth $1.4 million with the defending Super Bowl champions.

According to his agent, Tony Agnone, Meggett earned about $100,000 in his second season with the Giants last year and will now be paid $700,000 a year. Agnone said there are also incentive clauses in Meggett's contract that could bring him an additional $300,000 a year.

Also yesterday, former University of Maryland tight end Ferrell Edmunds, a two-time NFL Pro Bowl selection, signed a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins worth approximately $550,000 a year to end his holdout.

Former Maryland cornerback J.B. Brown also signed with the Dolphins. Brown, who became a starter in his second season last year, said he was happy with his contract.

Brown had been asking for $850,000 over two years, with management offering $800,000. Miami Herald sources said yesterday that the impasse broke when the club nudged up to a compromise $825,000 deal.

Brown was a winner based on the amount of his raise, at least. He made $75,000 in base pay last season. His salary "probably is the biggest [percentage] raise in the NFL," Drew Rosenhaus, his agent, told the Knight-Ridder News Service.

Meggett is a third-down specialist who led the Giants in receptions (39)and the NFC in kickoff-return average (23.4 yards). He also returns punts.

"If Dave goes to the Pro Bowl and reaches all his incentive clauses, he'll be able to contribute a lot to the Towson State football program," Agnone said in reference to Meggett's track record of supporting the troubled Tigers program financially. "We came to an agreement we were satisfied with."

Meggett signed at noon, then joined the Giants in practice.

"The guys made me feel pretty comfortable today," said Meggett. "They were all joking, saying things that former coach [Bill] Parcells would have been doing, some of the coaching techniques. It was fun."

Meggett most likely will be on the field for Monday night's season opener against the San Francisco 49ers.

Edmunds' contract gives him a raise of $335,000 a year over his salary of $215,000 last season.

The signing of Edmunds comes two days after Agnone, who also represents Edmunds, said: "We're as far apart as Baltimore and Miami in terms of money."

Last night, Agnone said: "Now we're as far apart as Atlanta and Miami in the amount we disagree on what Ferrell is worth. But Ferrell is there. The reason is there is a game on Sunday. You don't get paid if you're not there. Miami moved some on money, but we're not excited about the contract."

Coach Don Shula said he doubted that Edmunds and Brown would be able to play in the opener against the Buffalo Bills.

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