Arts and entertainment season preview FILM Plots will be varied and many

Don't look for too much at the movie theaters tomorrow or next Friday. Beyond the first weekend of September, however, the fall looks good with the features, many and varied.

Please keep in mind, that the following dates are tentative. Some dates will change. Some titles may be withdrawn and sent directly to cable. It happens.



"Child's Play 3": The further adventures of Chuckie, the doll that won't die. This time, the little devil visits a military academy where he makes trouble in the ranks.


Sept. 13 "Freddy's Dead": They say this is the final chapter in the Nightmare on Elm Street" series, but can we believe them?

"The Pope Must Die": Controversial comedy about a country priest who is elected Pope by mistake. Robbie Coltrane stars.

Sept. 20 "Late for Dinner": Two best friends time warp 29 years to the present.

"Livin' Large": A young black man becomes a newscaster for a )) TV station.

"Love Crimes": Sean Young is an attorney trying to nab a man accused of rape.

Sept. 27 "Deceived": A woman whose husband dies, is told that he was impostor. Goldie Hawn and John Heard star in this thriller.

"Fisher King": The lives of a talk-show host and a street person cross in a tale of tragedy and comedy, starring Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges

"Married to It": The lives of three New York couples entwine. Beau Bridges and Stockard Channing star in this comedy.


"The Super": Joe Pesci is an irresponsible landlord who is

ordered to live in one of his own apartments.

"Company Business": Gene Hackman and Mikhail Baryshinikov are has-been spies running from the men for whom they once worked.

Oct. 4 "Ricochet": A cop sends a hit man to prison, but the story doesn't end there. Denzel Washington and John Lithgow star.

"Shout": A young man falls in love with a girl whose father does not like the idea. John Travolta plays a music teacher.

"Man in the Moon": Two teen-age sisters fall in love with the same boy. Sam Waterston and Tess Harper star.


Oct. 11 "City of Hope": Life as a working-class family sees it in a contemporary American city. John Sayles directed. Vincent Spano stars.

"Shattered": A real estate man tries to regain his memory after an accident. Tom Berenger and Greta Scacci star.

"Little Man Tate": Jodie Foster stars in and directed this story about a gifted child, his mother and his psychologist.

"Ernest Scared Stupid": The further adventures of Ernest, the well-meaning nerd. This time, he releases a 200-year-old troll.

"The Taking of Beverly Hills": Thieves fake a toxic spill in order to shut Beverly Hills down as they take what they want. Ken Wahl stars.

Oct. 14 "Paradise": A young boy visits a couple whose own son has died. Don Johnson, Melanie Griffith star.


Oct. 18 "Other People's Money": Low doing in high finance. Danny De Vito stars in the comedy.

"Love Field": Three people meet the weekend President Kennedy was assassinated. Michelle Pfeiffer stars.

"K 2": Action adventure about a climbing party starring Michael Biehn.

"Antonio and Jane": Two women share the same man and the same shrink in this comedy from England.

"Cool as Ice": Vanilla Ice is a biker who is stranded in a small town.

Oct. 25 "House Party 2": Sequel to the successful original about a group young black people and their comic adventures.


"Eraserhead": Re-release of the 1977 David Lynch film about a strange man whose offspring is not the usual variety.

"The Butcher's Wife": Demi Moore is a clairvoyant who changes the lives of the people she meets in Greenwich Village. Jeff Daniels co-stars.

Nov. 1 "Hard Promises": A comedy starring William Petersen as a rover who returns home just as his ex-wife is remarrying. Sissy Spacek co-stars.

"Curly Sue": An 8-year-old orphan girl shows an attorney what family life is. John Hughes wrote and directed this film. James Belushi is in the cast.

"The People Under the Stairs": Horror film about a burglar who wishes he had chosen another career. Wes Craven wrote and directed.

Nov. 8 "Black Robe": It is 1634 in the New World, and two Frenchmen meet the Native Americans.


"Strictly Business": A successful business executive falls in love with a club dancer.

"Prosper's Books": John Gielgud is Prospero in this new version of "The Tempest."

Nov. 15 "Article 99": A comedy about a group of nurses and doctors who work in a VA hospital. Ray Liotta and Keifer Sutherland star.

"Rules of the Game": A comedy about a modern couple and their code of sexual behavior. Courteney Cox stars.

"Spotswood": A satire on life in the corporate world. Anthony Hopkins stars.

Nov. 22 "My Girl": Comedy about an 11-year-old who experiences her first crush and first kiss. Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Macaulay Culkin star.


"The Double Life of Veronique": A drama about two women, ringers who are born the same day but in different countries.

"Beauty and the Beast": Animated version of the classic fairy tale.

"An American Tale: Fievel Goes West": Sequel to the 1986 cartoon. This time, Fievel becomes a lawman in the Wild West.

Nov. 28 "The Addams Family": The family attorney tries to steal the Addams fortune. Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd star.

Dec. 11 "Hook": Robin Williams is Peter Pan in this Steven Spielberg version of the fantasy.

Dec. 13 3!


"Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country"

Dec. 20 "Bugsy": Warren Beatty plays the gangster who tried to take Hollywood. Barry Levinson directs.

"Father of the Bride": Remake of the 1950 comedy classic about a father who prepares for his daughter's wedding. Steve Martin and Diane Keaton star.