Rick Griffin, whose psychedelic posters and album...


Rick Griffin, whose psychedelic posters and album cover made him one of the most prominent rock music artists of the 1960s, died of head injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in Santa Rosa, Calif., Saturday. He was 47. Mr. Griffin's most

famous poster, "The Flying Eyeball," was commissioned by rock promoter Bill Graham for a Jimi Hendrix-John Mayall concert in 1968. He also created album covers and posters for such rock groups as the Grateful Dead, Iron Butterfly, and Big Brother and the Holding Company. An artist for Zap Comix, his colorful works during the psychedelic era remain collector's items.

Stuart Karl, a Democratic fund-raiser who made millions selling Jane Fonda's workout tapes, died Friday after a battle with skin cancer. He was 38. Mr. Karl was a home video pioneer whose company, Karl Home Video, made him a millionaire by age 30. In 1988, Mr. Karl pleaded guilty to concealing behind the names of employees contributions of $185,000 to then-Sen. Gary Hart, D-Colo., who made an unsuccessful bid for the 1984 presidential nomination. He was fined $60,000.

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