Pro sports policy


1987: National Football League implements steroids policy of pre-season testing for all players, mainly in training camp. Offenders are warned but not suspended. There is no random testing during regular season.

1989: League starts giving 30-day suspensions to players who fail the pre-season test. Total of 13 players are suspended.

1990: Besides pre-season tests of every player, NFL begins random testing during regular season. On average, seven players per team are tested each week. Overall testing program results in three suspensions for steroid use.

Of the major professional leagues, only football includes steroids in its drug-testing program. Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League do not.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association tests for steroids as part of its anti-drug program at all NCAA championships, and last year began random tests of Division 1A and 1AA football players.

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