Yes, it's time to start thinking of the fall/winter bowling season -- it's right around the corner.

So let me update you on a few changes at the local lanes that you'll want to be aware of come the new season.

Bob Marshall Jr., manager of Harford Lanes in Aberdeen, says he has three units of oil in place for the first 24 feet of the lanes. "The returning bowlers won't see much difference from last year in the lane conditions. The condition will be pretty much as it was last year."

Fall leagues at Harford Lanes will be starting the last week of August and the Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend.

Fair Lanes Edgewood lanes will have a new manager for the start of the fall/winter season: Ken Watts. But there'll be a lot of familiar faces to greetreturning bowlers.

Millie Lusby, who has been at Edgewood for 19 years, moves away from the snack bar and into assistant manager.

Bernie Melber, lane maintenance, has been taking care of the lanes forfive years. But later this year he's moving to Florida, so stop in and say hello and goodbye to the ex-Baltimore City firefighter.

Janet Brown, assistant manager, and Peggy Huffman, marketing manager andcoordinator, will be on hand for the start of the new season. Most of the leagues start just after Labor Day weekend.

Edgewood will have three units of oil for the first 24 feet.

Senior citizens leagues will be at 10 a.m. Monday and Friday. Call Judy Wheeler about openings.

Youth bowlers will have the lanes on Saturday mornings.

When the NABI tournament is here at Forest Hill Lanes on Oct. 5-6, Charlie Tapp from the PBA and Judy Soutar of the WIBC will be on hand. Dick Dare, general manager at Forest Hill, said, "The finals of that tournament will be televised, and Judy will be doing the color commentary."

Tapp has won a couple of PBA titles, and Soutar, a 30-year veteran, is a Hall of Famer. This will be a chance to talk to a coupleof great professional bowlers, and I'm sure they'll be glad to help you with bowling tips.

Valerie Buerhaus, league coordinator, and Rob Mcfadden, lanes maintenance and mechanic, will be at Forest Hill Lanes when the season starts just after Labor Day weekend. Patrick Dare will have the pro shop open.

And once again, Betty Kuhns, secretary for the Saturday morning youth leagues, will have between 350 and400 youngsters returning to bowl. With that many young bowlers, there will be both morning and afternoon sessions. Call Betty at 879-5492for more information.


Bel Air Bowl's manager, Mick Barlow, has the new system of bowling's three units of oil in place, 34 feet down the lane from the foul line.

Jane Newman, program coordinator,has openings in some leagues and will find a spot for you if you call her. Ginny Courtney will be coaching the youth leagues on Saturday mornings again.

Some leagues will be getting under way the last weeks of August so there's little time left to pick your time and your day for the fall/winter season.

The seniors will be bowling on Tuesday afternoons at 1 p.m.


Starting the first Sunday in September, this column will appear twice a month, the first and third Sundays. To contact Don Vitek, call (301) 247-0850.

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