Canada's protest is accepted


HAVANA -- Baseball's technical committee at the Pan American Games has decided to accept Canada's protest of its loss to Mexico, which was called in the sixth inning after a bench-clearing brawl.

The game will be resumed at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Latino Americano Stadium with Mexico leading 7-5 in the top of the sixth inning, according to a communique from the committee.

Earlier yesterday, Norma Baraldi, Mexico's team press officer, had said the Canadian request had been denied and that the game stood as a 7-5 victory for Mexico.

But Harvey Bailie, attache for the Canadians, received the written communique with the committee's decision Saturday before Canada's 8-0 loss to Nicaragua.

In it, the committee accepted Canada's assertion that it did not initiate the fracas, Bailie said.

Canadian manager Jim Ridley had said his team was being unfairly punished because the Mexicans had been first off the bench and asked that the game be resumed where it left off.

"I think the team feels vindicated," said Bailie. "I'm quite pleased. I felt that the altercation was not started by us and that it would have set a dangerous precedent to award the game due to an altercation started by the team that was leading to that team. And I think the committee felt the same way."

The technical committee met for six hours Friday and heard from players, coaches and umpires about the melee, which broke out in the top of the sixth inning Thursday.

Mexican coaches claimed a racial slur touched off the incident that saw coaches and players from both teams rush onto the field, where they traded punches and kicks.

Mexican manager Antonio Pollerena suffered a broken nose in the fight, and Canadian coach John Upham collapsed after the melee and was taken to a hospital suffering from angina, a heart condition. He was released Friday morning.

The entire game had been marked by aggressive play and jeering between players. According to the Mexicans, Canada catcher Alex Andreopoulos uttered a racial slur at Mexican catcher Alberto Vargas, the first batter in the inning. Canadian officials have not responded to that charge.



Cuban boxers kept on course Saturday to win all 12 gold medals at the Pan American Games in Havana while their main rivals the Americans were eliminated from a fourth weight division.

The Cubans, who have yet to lose a bout, won both of their fights in the flyweight and light middleweight divisions on Saturday. U.S. fighters split their bouts, winning a light middleweight fight against Venezuela on a close decision and losing a flyweight contest against Brazil. U.S. fighters now have been eliminated in the light heavyweight, super heavyweight, light flyweight and flyweight divisions.

The first U.S. loss of the day was to Brazilian flyweight ClaudiFreitas, who beat John Herrera when the referee stopped the fight with about 40 seconds left in the third and final round.

Freitas, 24, by far was the stronger puncher, landinhead-snapping rights to Herrera's head and knocking him down with a right cross to the head in the third round. Moments later a hard left to the head staggered Herrera, 22, and not long after that referee Jaime Vargas of Venezuela stopped the fight.

"He caught me a couple of times," Herrera said. "I waited tolong (to get going) and he was more aggressive."

Herrera, from Texas, responding to a question said that while hihome state was very hot, the heat here "bothered me."

Ravea Springs kept U.S. hopes alive in the light middleweighclass when he won a close points decision over a tough, classy-looking Jose Martinez of Venezuela.

G; The fighters spent the first round probing for openings.

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