A slow deliveryEd Als and Ken Germano...


A slow delivery

Ed Als and Ken Germano can only wonder how big a part the U.S. Postal Service played in their failure to make it to the big leagues.

An undelivered letter showed up back at Manhattan College this week -- 19 years after being sent to a major-league scout alerting him that Als and Germano were playing in an all-star game in Philadelphia.

The school sent the letter on Aug. 19, 1972 to Al Harper of the Boston Red Sox suggesting he might want to pay special attention to Als and Germano.

"We knew this wasn't regular return mail when we saw the stamp," school spokeswoman Patrice Liquori said. "There was an 8-cent stamp on it from the 1972 Winter Olympics."

Als, an outfielder during his playing days at Manhattan, now works for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Germano, a catcher back then, is an account manager.

The quote

The California Angels' Dave Winfield, on his nine-plus years as a New York Yankee: "It went quickly, but it was like an eternity."

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